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Ryan Hili, Andrei K Yudin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2006-11-22
We report a new class of bench-stable compounds that contain seemingly incompatible functional groups: an aldehyde and an unprotected secondary amine. The thermodynamic driving force to undergo condensation between these two functionalities is offset by a high barrier imposed on this process by the aziridine ring strain. The res...Read More
Zhi He, Andrei K Yudin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2011-09-07
A new class of stable molecules, α-boryl aldehydes, has been prepared from oxiranyl N-methyliminodiacetyl boronates by a 1,2-boryl migration with concomitant epoxide scission. A range of boryl imines, alkenes, alcohols, acids, enol ethers, enamides, and other functionalized boronic acid derivatives that are difficult or impossib...Read More
Zhi He, Piera Trinchera, Shinya Adachi, Jeffrey D St Denis, Andrei K Yudin
Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English 2012-10-29
Excellent tolerance: Stable acylboronates equipped with N-methyliminodiacetyl (MIDA) boryl groups ([B]) were prepared by using a sequence of oxidative manipulations at the boron-bound carbon center (green in scheme). Chemoselective transformations of these acylated organoboron building blocks yielded a range of multifunctionaliz...Read More