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Erick M. Carreira教授

Carreira研究小组致力于扩大和创造人们对化学空间中未知领域的了解。在与SpiroChem的共同努力下,Carreira开发了一种创新性的螺环合成砌块,正在尝试实现大规模商业化。由这些合成砌块构建的分子具有独特的三维轮廓,这归因于内在的螺环支架,通过利用作为功能化位点的各种出射载体(exit vectors)组合而实现了进一步多样化。重要的是,螺环合成砌块具有可以用于药物开发过程的物理化学性质。因此,可以通过将这些亚单元附加到给定支架的外围来调整药物先导化合物。而且,这些紧凑型模块代表了基于片段库的有用输入集合。在所有应用中,其结构的内在新颖性为研究人员提供了在其设计和化学空间途径中实现疯狂想法的新机会——他们的想象力是唯一的限制。Sigma-Aldrich很自豪能够与合作伙伴一起,努力实现这些合成砌块的广泛应用。




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Dong Bo Li, Mark Rogers-Evans, Erick M Carreira
Organic Letters 2013-09-20
New classes of thia/oxa-azaspiro[3.4]octanes are synthesized through the implementation of robust and step-economic routes. The targeted spirocycles have been designed to act as novel, multifunctional, and structurally diverse modules for drug discovery. Furthermore, enantioselective approaches to the spirocycles are reported.Read More
Johannes A Burkhard, Carine Guérot, Henner Knust, Erick M Carreira
Organic Letters 2012-01-06
The preparation of versatile azaspiro[3.3]heptanes carrying multiple exit vectors is disclosed. Expedient synthetic routes enable the straightforward access to these novel modules that are expected to have significance in drug discovery and design. © 2011 American Chemical SocietyRead More
Jean-François Paquin, Christian Defieber, Corey R J Stephenson, Erick M Carreira
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2005-08-10
A general route to enantioenriched 3,3-diarylpropanals is presented. These useful building blocks are prepared via an asymmetric rhodium-catalyzed conjugate addition of arylboronic acids to cinnamaldehyde derivatives in the presence of chiral dienes. The addition of both electron-poor as well as electron-rich boronic acids proce...Read More