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Michael U Luescher, Cam-Van T Vo, Jeffrey W Bode
Organic Letters 2014-02-21
Substituted piperazines and morpholines are valuable structural motifs in biologically active compounds, but are not easily prepared by contemporary cross-coupling approaches. In this report, we introduce SnAP reagents for the transformation of aldehydes into N-unprotected piperazines and morpholines. This approach offers simple...Read More
Cam-Van T Vo, Michael U Luescher, Jeffrey W Bode
Nature Chemistry 2014-04-01
Interest in saturated N-heterocycles as scaffolds for the synthesis of bioactive molecules is increasing. Reliable and predictable synthetic methods for the preparation of these compounds, especially medium-sized rings, are limited. We describe the development of SnAP (Sn amino protocol) reagents for the transformation of aldehy...Read More