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Garg研究小组开发了各种合成天然产物和药物的方法。其中的一个关键方法涉及到杂环芳烃,例如indolynes和吡啶,其可以在温和的氟基反应条件下,在甲硅烷基三氟甲磺酸酯前体上原位生成。杂环芳基可以在各种试剂(例如,亲核试剂和环加成配体)中捕获,利用各种常用前体制成多种不同类型的取代杂环。 Garg实验室还与Ken Houk教授合作开发了aryne扭曲模型,反过来使化学家能够预测不对称芳烃反应的区域选择性。





Adam E Goetz, Neil K Garg
Nature Chemistry 2013-01-01
The pyridine heterocycle continues to play a vital role in the development of human medicines. More than 100 currently marketed drugs contain this privileged unit, which remains highly sought after synthetically. We report an efficient means to access di- and trisubstituted pyridines in an efficient and highly controlled manner ...Read More
G-Yoon J Im, Sarah M Bronner, Adam E Goetz, Robert S Paton, Paul H-Y Cheong, K N Houk, Neil K Garg
Journal of the American Chemical Society 2010-12-22
Efficient syntheses of 4,5-, 5,6-, and 6,7-indolyne precursors beginning from commercially available hydroxyindole derivatives are reported. The synthetic routes are versatile and allow access to indolyne precursors that remain unsubstituted on the pyrrole ring. Indolynes can be generated under mild fluoride-mediated conditions,...Read More
Tehetena Mesganaw, G-Yoon J Im, Neil K Garg
Journal of Organic Chemistry 2013-04-05
A mild and operationally simple method to synthesize diphenylhexatriene (DPH) is reported. The method relies on the Pd-catalyzed dimerization of cinnamyl acetate and provides efficient access to DPH in a single step.Read More