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Buchwald研究小组研发了一系列高活性多功能钯预催化剂和联芳基膦配体,可用于形成C-C、C–N,C–O、C–F、 C–CF3、和C–S键的偶联反应。该类配体富电子,有高可调性,能够为催化系统提供更广应用范围,更高的稳定性和反应活性。另外,这一新系列的预催化剂具有空气,湿度以及热稳定性,在一般有机溶剂中有很好溶解度。使用预催化剂能够保证活性催化物种的有效产生,还能够精确调整配体:钯比例。Buchwald研究小组研发的配体\预催化剂和方法易于使用,使原本困难的偶联反应更易实现。


Hong Geun Lee et. al
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 136(10), 3792-3795 (2014)
On the basis of mechanism-driven reaction design, a Pd-catalyzed nucleophilic fluorination of aryl bromides and iodides has been developed. The method exhibits a broad substrate scope, especially with respect to nitrogen-containing heteroaryl bromid....Read More
Mingjuan Su et. al
Organic Letters, 16(3), 832-835 (2014)
An efficient method for the palladium-catalyzed amination of unprotected bromoimidazoles and bromopyrazoles is presented. The transformation is facilitated by the use of our newly developed Pd precatalyst based on the bulky biarylphosphine ligand tB....Read More
David S Surry and Stephen L Buchwald
Chemical science (Royal Society of Chemistry : 2010), 2(1), 27-50 (2011)
Dialkylbiaryl phosphines are a valuable class of ligand for Pd-catalyzed amination reactions and have been applied in a range of contexts. This review attempts to aid the reader in the selection of the best choice of reaction conditi....Read More