Air Monitoring

Air Monitoring Applications

Air monitoring has various industry applications where the air quality is a concern or a health hazard. A few examples include vapor intrusion in residential/commercial settings, contamination resulting from petrochemical industry efforts and by-products, drywall from China, anesthetic gases in healthcare, and agricultural industry pollution.

Supelco and Sigma-Aldrich offer a range of active and passive air sampling products, in addition to various analytical chemistry tools (reference standards, reagents, solvents, GC columns, HPLC columns, sample preparation products) for the accurate and reliable determination of air-borne contamination. Below are links to chromatograms for a few typical air monitoring applications, as well as detailed supporting information on air sampling techniques and products for specific industries.

Air Monitoring Chromatograms
radiello® Diffusive Sampling Applications
MAS®-100 Air Sampling Instruments
RCS® Microbial Air Sampling Systems & HYCON® Agar Strips
APC ErgoTouch Hand-Held Particle Counter
ATP & NAD Rapid Detection & HYCON® Contact Slides
Swabs & Dip Slides

Air Sampling Product Guides for specific Industry Applications:

Vapor Intrusion
Petrochemical Applications
Petrochemical Industry
Chinese drywall contamination
Chinese Drywall
Anesthetic gases in healthcare
Anesthetic Gases
in Healthcare
Agricultural Contaminants
Agricultural Contaminants
Paints & Coatings
Paints & Coatings

Welding Processes