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Nickel Carbonyl

Petrochemical Applications main pageNickel carbonyl, Ni(CO)4, is a colorless, odorless organometallic complex that is a versatile reagent. It is both toxic and volatile at room temperature, earning it the name “liquid death” and can have damaging effects on the lungs, central nervous system and reproductive system. It is a known carcinogen.

Exposure Limits
Exposure Limit
Nickel Carbonyl
OSHA (PEL) for General Industry: 0.001 ppm, 0.007 mg/m³ TWA
for Construction Industry:: 0.001 ppm, 0.007 mg/m³ TWA
for Maritime:: 0.001 ppm, 0.007 mg/m³ TWA
ACGIH (TLV) 0.05 ppm, 0.12 mg/m³ TWA
NIOSH (REL) 0.001 ppm, 0.007 mg/m³ TWA
NIOSH (IDHL) 2 ppm
(TWA=Time-weighted average; TLV=Threshold Limit Value; PEL=Personal Exposure Limit, REL=Recommended Exposure Limit; IDHL=Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health concentration)

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