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DSD-DNPH Passive Sampling Tube

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High Efficiency Diffusive Sampler for Determination of Aldehydes and Ketones in Indoor Air

The DSD-DNPH diffusive sampler was introduced first in Japan and was an integral device for monitoring carbonyls in indoor air, specifically related to “sick house syndrome”. Sick house syndrome results from exposure to building materials that emit VOC’s such as formaldehyde. Common building materials known to emit formaldehyde are: adhesives, paints, plywood, and wallpaper.

The DSD-DNPH sampler is comprised of a porous polyethylene tube, which acts as the diffusive membrane, to which is attached a small polypropylene syringe used for the elution of the analytes from the adsorbent. Because the diffusive membrane is round, it permits exposure from all sides, making it unique compared to other diffusive samplers. Silica gel coated with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine (DNPH) acts as the adsorbent and moves from the diffusive end during sample collection to the syringe end for sample extraction, by inverting the device. Aldehydes and ketones diffuse through the membrane reacting with DNPH to form stable derivatives. The DNPH-derivatives are then eluted with acetonitrile and analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

dsd dnph sampling tube


  • Specified in OSHA 1007 Method for Determination of Aldehydes
  • Collection and analysis of carbonyls without transfer of the adsorbent, which minimizes the risk of contamination
  • High-purity adsorbent provides collection of ppb levels of a wide range of carbonyls in a convenient, easy-to-use configuration
  • Excellent uptake rates; also, stable to wind, temperature and humidity conditions
  • Stable blank data - important for limit of quantitation (LOQ)
  • Simple elution
  • Versatile – use for indoor air, personal sampling, and ambient air

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