Added Safety in Your Lab

Added Safety in Your Lab

We've always taken laboratory safety seriously. Now our combined classical lab chemicals and core bioreagents product portfolio adds even more safety choices for your lab. Choose from tools like Safebreak bottles and a new withdrawal system for inorganics. With our safety game and safety video, you’ll enjoy brushing up on basic lab rules and improving your competencies.


New Withdrawal Systems for Acids & Bases
Focus on personal safety, convenience and process reliability with our new withdrawal systems for inorganics in canisters and drums.



Safety for Acids
Safebreak bottles for acids are the safe alternative to glass bottles. They combine the advantages of  conventional glass and HDPE bottles. Now additionally in smaller pack sizes.



Chemizorb® Removes Spilled Liquids & Decontaminates Areas
When accidents happen Chemizorb® is there to help. The product range includes specific absorbents for different substances to ensure swift and safe handling.


Solvent Management Systems
Designed to meet the relevant safety regulations our tailor-made withdrawal systems connected to the solvents and inorganics packaging provide maximum user safety.


Safe Packaging
Even with the risk of breakage, glass bottles are the preferred container for reagents. Our innovative HDPE bottle keeps you safer.



Safety in the Laboratory Video