Timestrip® CUSTOM

Timestrip® technology is extremely agile. Timestrip® CUSTOM solutions allow you to create a Timestrip time or temperature indicator to suit your particular needs.
The table below shows you which design features you can change, but please contact us at timestrip@sial.com to fully discuss your project.

Examples of Timestrip® CUSTOM
The following concept images are designed to show you what is possible with Timestrip® CUSTOM - you can choose the technical specifications and the graphics. These concepts are not currently available to purchase but can be made.

DUO 10°C & 30°C - bespoke brand colours and logo, upper threshold changed to 30°C and 10°C time markers different to standard DUO.

Timestrip® PLUS - extended tracking of 10°C breaches

Timestrip® - short time span of 20 minutes, reverse window, and cut down in size

Timestrip® - 3 day with graduated background colour, space for a logo and shorter (19 x30mm)

Timestrip® - 8 hours with a message revealed as the dye progresses over time. This message can be alpha or numeric - an instruction or a phone number to call.

Timestrip® - 8 weeks, a universal traffic light system for multi country (no language) use. The numbers and word ‘Week’ can be removed.

Customise a key chain tag - add your logo and your website QR code, use your colours

To see more Timestrip® CUSTOM solutions and real customer case studies click here

Minimum Order Quantity 50,000 Timestrip® PLUS temperature
100,000 Timestrip® time
500,000 Custom Shape
Lead Time 12 weeks production cycle from receipt of down payment and graphics sign off
Shape Standard - rectangles: fixed 19m width, length from 30-80mm dependent on technical criteria
Custom cutting - subject to technical criteria
Graphics Choose from a wide range of colors
Add your brand name/logo. All indicators carry the Timestrip® logo
Choose the text/instructions
Add a message which is gradually revealed in the viewing window
Timestrip® does all the artwork
Supply Adhesive backing: none, semi-permanent, medical grade, foam
Adapted for factory fitting to a device/product/pack
Timestrip® Time Indicators Any time length from 5 minutes to years
Calibrated for different temperature environments; freezer, cold chain, ambient or high temperature
Supplied loose or in a handy clear plastic key chain
Timestrip® PLUS Temperature Indicators Ascending temperature thresholds from -20°C to +40°C
Choose the time markers for tracking the breach - from hours to days and weeks or show the event of a breach
DUO: Choose two temperature thresholds to combine in one unit and select the time markers for each


We will help you answer the following questions to design your custom solution.

  • (Temperature indicator): What threshold does it need to monitor? Which time markers?
  • (Time indicator): Which time markers? What temperature environment will it be used in?
  • Will it be used to encourage; compliance with regulations, faster replacement part sales, service reminders, something else?
  • What graphic images, text or instructions are useful? What are the branding guidelines?
  • Will it be stuck to something? What? Adhesive type? Would loose supply, a carrying card or key chain/clear plastic holder work best?
  • Are there any limiting/tolerance factors to where it will be stuck/used?
  • Will it be integrated into a device, product or pack? By hand or on a production line?
  • The CAD design and a sample of the product/pack/device.