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Timestrip® CUSTOM

Timestrip® technology is extremely agile. Timestrip® CUSTOM solutions allow you to create a Timestrip time or temperature indicator to suit your particular needs.
The table below shows you which design features you can change, but please contact us at to fully discuss your project.

Examples of Timestrip® CUSTOM
The following concept images are designed to show you what is possible with Timestrip® CUSTOM - you can choose the technical specifications and the graphics. These concepts are not currently available to purchase but can be made.

DUO 10°C & 30°C - bespoke brand colours and logo, upper threshold changed to 30°C and 10°C time markers different to standard DUO.

Timestrip® PLUS - extended tracking of 10°C breaches

Timestrip® - short time span of 20 minutes, reverse window, and cut down in size

Timestrip® - 3 day with graduated background colour, space for a logo and shorter (19 x30mm)

Timestrip® - 8 hours with a message revealed as the dye progresses over time. This message can be alpha or numeric - an instruction or a phone number to call.

Timestrip® - 8 weeks, a universal traffic light system for multi country (no language) use. The numbers and word ‘Week’ can be removed.

Customise a key chain tag - add your logo and your website QR code, use your colours

To see more Timestrip® CUSTOM solutions and real customer case studies click here

Minimum Order Quantity 50,000 Timestrip® PLUS temperature
100,000 Timestrip® time
500,000 Custom Shape
Lead Time 12 weeks production cycle from receipt of down payment and graphics sign off
Shape Standard - rectangles: fixed 19m width, length from 30-80mm dependent on technical criteria
Custom cutting - subject to technical criteria
Graphics Choose from a wide range of colors
Add your brand name/logo. All indicators carry the Timestrip® logo
Choose the text/instructions
Add a message which is gradually revealed in the viewing window
Timestrip® does all the artwork
Supply Adhesive backing: none, semi-permanent, medical grade, foam
Adapted for factory fitting to a device/product/pack
Timestrip® Time Indicators Any time length from 5 minutes to years
Calibrated for different temperature environments; freezer, cold chain, ambient or high temperature
Supplied loose or in a handy clear plastic key chain
Timestrip® PLUS Temperature Indicators Ascending temperature thresholds from -20°C to +40°C
Choose the time markers for tracking the breach - from hours to days and weeks or show the event of a breach
DUO: Choose two temperature thresholds to combine in one unit and select the time markers for each


We will help you answer the following questions to design your custom solution.

  • (Temperature indicator): What threshold does it need to monitor? Which time markers?
  • (Time indicator): Which time markers? What temperature environment will it be used in?
  • Will it be used to encourage; compliance with regulations, faster replacement part sales, service reminders, something else?
  • What graphic images, text or instructions are useful? What are the branding guidelines?
  • Will it be stuck to something? What? Adhesive type? Would loose supply, a carrying card or key chain/clear plastic holder work best?
  • Are there any limiting/tolerance factors to where it will be stuck/used?
  • Will it be integrated into a device, product or pack? By hand or on a production line?
  • The CAD design and a sample of the product/pack/device.