Analytical Business Development

Key Competencies and Technologies

Review our core competencies, innovative technologies, areas of specialization, and product lines for the Analytical marketplace.

To start the discussion about your specific request, business proposal, or idea for collaboration, please contact us. E-mail:

Key Competencies & Technologies Overview


Particle Technology & Packing

  Particle Technology
  • Unique phase chemistries and selectivities
  • Ultra-high degree of surface deactivation
  • Extensive know-how in testing and characterization
  • Exceptional knowledge of carbon production
  • Know-how on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs), handling & applications

Particle Packaging
  • Advanced HPLC column packing technology ranging from micro- to preparative Scale
  • Unique flexibility in dimensions and set-up
    [e.g., Pre-packed Buchner funnels or multi-layer solid phase extraction (SPE), pipette tips]

Resin and Media Service
  • Processing - cleaning, pre-wetting, blending, ion exchange, sanitizing/sterilizing
  • Testing & packaging

Capillary & Glass Coating Technology

Automated Ampul Filling & Sealing
  30 Years of experience in film coatings for GC; polar to non-polar phases
Silanization/deactivation of vials and glass liners
Application testing and documentation according to specific needs

Surface Deactivation Technology

  Novel methods for glass surface deactivation
End-capping technology for derivatized particle surfaces
Passivation technology

Ionic Liquids

Analytical Reagent Production, Packaging, Handling & Documentation

Standards and Certified Reference Materials Production and Testing

Ionophores Synthesis and Testing

Applications Development

Customer-Specific Solutions for Production, Filling, Packaging, Storage, and Logistics

Technologies of Interest to us

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If you have an innovation or novel product idea involving one of the following specialized technologies, we may be interested in a collaborative effort with you. To start the discussion, contact us by E-mail:

  • Particle technologies
  • Surface chemistries & treatments
  • Purification technologies
  • Other life science technology

Licensing Opportunities

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We are able to license out:
  • Passivation technology
  • “Invisible glue” pipette tips
  • Carbon technology
  • Ionic liquids
  • Other analytical technologies in which we specialize
We are interested to license in:
  • Particle technologies
  • Surface chemistries & treatments
  • Purification technologies
  • Other Life Science technologies

Particularly those technologies and products that demonstrate true differentiation and innovation are of interest to the Analytical business development team as an item to “license in”.

Our product lines and areas of interest are outlined below. If you don’t identify a matching field, please send us the information anyway so we can verify.

Large Volume/Quantity Requests

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Please inquire (E-mail: with information about your specific requirements. Our product lines and areas of interest are outlined below.

Analytical Techniques & Products

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Analytical Reagents
Sample Preparation
Analytical Standards
Other analytical


Air Monitoring & Industrial Hygiene
  • Active Sampling
  • Diffusive Sampling
  • Industrial Hygiene

Gas Chromatography (GC)
  • Stationary Phases
    • Chiral GC
    • Capillary GC
    • Packed Column GC
  • Sample Preparation for GC
  • Devices for GC

  • LC-MS
  • LC-NMR
  • Chiral HPLC
  • Biomolecule HPLC
  • Preparative HPLC
  • Stationary phases, including chiral
  • Sample Preparation for HPLC
  • Devices for HPLC

Sample Preparation
  • Decomposition/Dissolution
  • Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
  • Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME)
  • SPE devices and resins
Reagents and Standards
  • Analytical Standards
  • Derivatization Reagents
  • Ion Chromatography

  • Dyes/Indicators
  • Karl Fischer Titration
  • Volumetric Solutions & Buffers

  • UV/VIS/Fluorescence

Residue and Trace Analysis
  • Organic Residue Analysis
  • Electrochemistry/Polarography

  • Flash Chromatography
  • Separation Media
  • LPLC devices
  • Thin-Layer Chromatography

  • Analytical consumables: Syringes, Vials, Tips
  • Ionophores / Ion sensors
  • MALDI-MS; LC-MS and other hyphenated technologies
  • Media for microbe detection

Markets & Applications

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Air Monitoring
  • Ozone Precursors, Sick Building Syndrome, Passive

  • Accelerants

Environmental – Pollutant Testing
  • Dioxin, VOC, PCB, Furans, Pesticides, Drinking Water, Waste Water

Food and Beverage
  • Vitamins, Sugars, Microbiology, Flavors, Fragrances

  • Toxins, Drugs of Abuse, Adulterants

Karl Fischer Titration
  • Water Content

Life Science / Bioanalysis / Biochromatography
  • Proteins, Peptides
  • Metabolomics

Petrochemical & Chemical Industry
  • Hydrocarbons, PIANO, Natural Gas, Refinery Gas

Pharma and BioPharma – Method Development
  • Drugs, Precursors, Metabolites

Other Life Science Analytical Applications