Analytical Business Development

Services and OEM Capabilities

With many years of experience as a leader in the handling and distribution of high technology products, we are ready to help if you need our expertise for any of the services and capabilities listed below. Email your requirements to:

Handling of chemicals and biological goods
Transporting hazardous chemical and biological goods
Distribution Services

Handling of Chemical and Biological Goods


Sigma-Aldrich packages 20 million units each year. We have expertise in handling:

  • Powders, from micrograms to tons
  • Liquids, from microliters to kiloliters
  • Cytotoxic compounds

Controlled environments can be provided for:

  • Air-sensitive products
  • Temperature-sensitive products
  • Products requiring humidity controls
  • Products requiring sterile handling

Transporting Hazardous Chemical and Biological Goods

We can offer:

  • Knowledge of local customs-clearance requirements, import/export and other transit documentation associated with all products
    • Including hazardous chemicals and biologicals
  • Understanding of unique shipping requirements
    • Temperature control, regulatory segregation, etc.
  • Economies of scale associated with large-scale, shipping-vendor usage
  • Compliance with global standards for international transport

Distribution Services

International transport of the product, including compliance and handling of documentation:

  • OEM
    • Sigma-Aldrich brand does not show up with product and shipment documentation
  • Sigma-Aldrich branded
    • Product distribution by Sigma-Aldrich procedures
  • Customs-clearance
    • Import/export and other transit documentation
  • Shipping requirements
    • Temperature control, regulatory segregation, etc.
  • Transport compliance
  • Special services including "Next Day Delivery", etc.


We can provide the following types of OEM products and services:

  • Standards, Reagents, Solvents, Kits, Cartridges, Columns
    • Kits for Operational Qualification and Performance Validation - OQ/PV
    • Special test kits; starter Sets of analytical reagents and chromatography devices
  • Branding:
    • OEM
    • Supelco- branded
  • Distribution services
    • OEM
    • Sigma-Aldrich branded

Tailor-made reagents and
kits to complete instruments