HPLC and UHPLC Columns

Supelco’s HPLC & UHPLC columns meet today’s challenging needs of Fast HPLC, LC-MS, biopolymer separation, high pH conditions, as well as traditional pharmacopeia and agency methods within pharmaceutical, environmental, and food industries. Fused-Core®, polymeric, monodisperse silica, ultra-pure silica, and zirconia are some of the particle platforms that make up the Supelco HPLC product line.

Supelco has a tradition of providing innovative HPLC Columns. While Supelcosil and Discovery are trusted brands with a proven track record, Titan™ delivers leading edge UHPLC performance at an affordable cost, and Ascentis® Express and BIOshell™ (based on Fused-Core technology) have the capability to turn any HPLC system into a Fast HPLC workhorse. Furthermore, Astec chiral chromatography columns are the solution for chiral LC-MS. Supelco/Sigma-Aldrich also supplies leading brand HPLC columns, including Kromasil, TSKgel, Hamilton, LiChrospher, more.

If you require a custom HPLC column, please contact Supelco_Quotes@sial.com or fill out the custom HPLC column request form to obtain a quote.

apHera™ - High pH
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Webcast: Efficient Separation in UHPLC Using 2.0 µm Fused-Core Columns

Ascentis (broad range of selectivities for easy method development)
Ascentis® Express (for UHPLC, Fast HPLC & High Resolution applications)
Ascentis Express Columns with 2.0 µm particles for UHPLC
BIOshell (for separation of biomolecules)
Chiral (includes Astec lines of LC-MS compatible chiral columns)
Chromolith® HPLC Columns (Low backpressure; Long lifetime; available in micro format)
Discovery®  (large pore columns for peptides & protein applications)
ES Industries (Green Sep™ and ChromegaChiral™)
Kromasil® (premium silica for HPLC, SMB or SFC)
Other Column Brands (Hamilton, LiChrosorb, LiChrospher, Nucleosil, Spherisorb, alphaBond)
Purospher® STAR (100% aqueous phase compatibility; pH stability 1.5 – 10.5; Column/batch reproducibility)
Sepax® Technologies (ultra-efficient UHPLC columns for biopolymer separations)
SUPELCOGEL™ (for sugars, organic acids and alcohols)
SUPELCOSIL™ (traditional family of Supelco columns referenced in literature)
Titan™ UHPLC Columns — Excellent Performance; Great Value
TSKgel®  (leading Gel Filtration chromatography columns)

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