BIOshell™ HPLC Columns for Biopolymer Separations

High Efficiency Separations of Proteins and Other Biomolecules

BIOshell™ Protein and Peptide columns are packed with Fused-Core® particles that have been specifically engineered for fast, high-resolution separations of biomolecules. These columns offer a tremendous advantage over conventional column formats by providing increased resolution, faster separations, and lower back pressure. In addition, BIOshell columns offer a level of ruggedness that is not often associated with columns exhibiting such a high level of performance.

The Fused-Core particles contained within BIOshell columns have strategically manufactured particle and pore sizes, optimized shell thickness and remarkably stable bonding chemistries allowing highly efficient separations of proteins and peptides. Optimum separation of peptides up to 2-20 kDa can be achieved with BIOshell Peptide columns while highly efficient separation of proteins and polypeptides from 2 kDa to 500 kDa can be achieved with BIOshell Protein columns. The lower back pressure associated with BIOshell columns makes them suitable for both UHPLC as well as conventional HPLC systems.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Advanced Fused-Core Technology
  • Protein and Peptide Capabilities

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Capillary dimensions are available for protein and peptide phases.

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