Environmental Proficiency Testing

The Sigma-Aldrich RTC brand represents over 20 years of experience and expertise in providing environmental PT studies worldwide. We produce and distribute over 20,000 high-quality samples per annum for more than 2,500 participants in our schemes. Our quality products and services allow you to work smarter, enabling us to live in a safer and healthier world.

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 Environmental PT Schemes

Water Analysis Schemes
PT programs for water analysis, our schemes cover:
WP-Water Pollution PTs
WS-Water Supply PTs


Soils / Solids Analysis Schemes
PT programs for soils and solids analysis, our schemes cover:
LPTP - Solids matrices Inorganics PTs
LPTP - Solids matrices Organic PTs
MIC - Solids/Soils Microbiologial PTs


Air Analysis Schemes
PT programs for air and emissions analysis. We offer a range of schemes covering: inorganics, metals, volatiles and semi-volatiles testing.
AIR schemes here.


Specialty : Country-Specific PTs
PT programs for specific countries needs, our schemes cover:


Microbiology Schemes
PT programs for microbiology analysis. We offer a range of schemes using our innovative Vitroids™ technology.
MIC samples for PT here.


Underground Storage Tank (UST)
PT programs for UST analysis covering inorganics and organics testing. We offer standard UST sample as well as state-specific schemes.


Pharmaceutical Analysis Schemes
PT programs for pharmaceutical analysis. We offer a range of Quick-Turn studies (on-demand PT).
PEP studies here.


Contact Us
Request a quotation or new PT scheme here. If you require technical assistance, you can contact a PT specialist at RTCPTGroup@sial.com.