Quick Turn Studies

Scheduled studies vs. Quick Turn studies

Most proficiency testing is run on a pre-defined schedule meaning that you will receive the samples when the study begins. Your lab then has the full duration of the study (usually 45 days) to analyse and submit the results. Once the study closes, it takes approximately 21 days to receive the final evaluation.

A Quick-Turn PT is a proficiency test that is not run on a pre-defined schedule; you can request a quick turn PT at any time. The ‘study’ is closed once the analysis is completed and you have submitted the results to the PT reporting system. The final reports are sent out within 48 hours.

Quick-Turn Studies
When you need to perform a Proficiency Test at short notice, Quick-Turn PT rounds are available for the majority of the RTC sample portfolio. Quick-Turns are provided at the same price as our scheduled samples.
In most cases laboratories can usually use these samples for:

  • Supporting new method validation
  • As a tool for corrective action
  • To demonstrate analytical competence
  • To train new lab personnel

Choosing your PT products
An invaluable Samples Quick Reference Guide is available to make your choice of products simple. The guide contains over 250 products in an easily searchable format.
You can download the guides here:

How Quick-Turn Works:

  1. Find the samples you need and request they are to be sent as a Quick-Turn.
  2. These samples will be dispatched as soon as possible.
  3. You have 45 days from time of shipment to complete the analysis.
  4. If you complete the analysis quicker than 45 days, submit your results to the PT reporting system. The day you submit your results the study will close.
  5. Within 48 hours of data submission you will receive your evaluation report.

Proficiency Testing Sub-Categories Include:

  • Water Pollution/Waste Water
  • Water Supply/Drinking Water
  • Solids/Soils Hazardous Waste PTs
  • Microbiological
  • Air