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3M Empore™ SPE Products

Improving Sample Prep Performance through SPE Disk Technology

Empore SPE membrane technology comprises of SPE particles tightly enmeshed within a network of inert PTFE fibrils. The SPE membrane fabrication process results in a highly dense and uniform extraction medium that offers distinct advantages over traditional sorbent or packed-bed SPE products. Empore SPE technology provides a denser, more uniform extraction bed than traditional packed-bed products allowing for smaller bed weights, shorter analyte to pore diffusion paths, and more efficient extractions.

(Empore is a registered trademark of 3M Company)

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Features and Benefits back to top

Key Features:

  • Comprised of 90% SPE Particle : 10% PTFE, by weight
  • Uses 47 µm SPE particles for improved flow characteristics
  • Optimized for difficult sample matrices (e.g., biological fluids)

Save Time & Money with Empore SPE:

  • Reduced SPE Bed Mass = Reduced SPE Solvent and Elution Volumes
  • Minimizes SPE eluate evaporation time
  • Potentially allows for direct injection of the SPE eluate
  • Dense & Uniform Extraction Medium = No SPE Channeling and Voiding
  • Efficient mass-transfer kinetics allow for faster flow rates
  • Eliminate SPE fines improving column and instrument life

Microscopic View of Empore SPE Disks

Comparison of Solvent Volume Requirements for Traditional SPE Cartridges vs. Empore Cartridges back to top
Typical Volume Examples
Cartridge Bed Volume of Sorbent Condition Volume After Elution Step
Traditional cartridge 500mg/6 mL 600 µL 2400-3000 µL 1200-1800 µL
Traditional cartridge 100mg/1 mL 120 µL 480-600 µL 240-360 µL
Empore cartridge 7mm/3 mL (12 mg) 50 µL 200-250 µL 100-150 µL


Visual Comparison
Cartridge Before Loading Sample After Load/Wash Step After Elution Step
Traditional 100 mg/1 mL
Packed Bed SPE Cartridge
Empore 4 mm/1 mL
SPE Disk Cartridge

Empore SPE Product Range back to top
Empore 96-well plates Empore Extraction disks
SPE Cartridges
for General Use
96-well plates
for Pharmaceutical Bioanalysis
Extraction Disks
for Environmental Analysis


Our Empore Technical Library comprises of dozens of helpful resources, application examples, and an 80+ page application bibliography to facilitate efficient method development and troubleshooting.