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3M Empore™ SPE Extraction Disks

The Empore™ line of SPE disks comprises the most complete line of SPE disks for extracting large volumes of aqueous samples. The product line ranges from the time-tested C18 phase to unique phase chemistries such as carbon and the highly polar Oil & Grease disk. The disks are ideal for environmental analysis - where 1 L sample volumes are not uncommon - and provide an efficient alternative to liquid-liquid extraction (LLE).

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Empore SPE Extraction Disks
Empore Extraction Disks
Extraction of dye at 700 mL/minute
Dye Extraction

Sorbent Sugested Applications
C8 Bonded Silica EPA Method 549.1 Diquat and Paraquat
C18 Bonded Silica EPA Methods
• 506 Phthalate & Adipate Esters
• 508.1 Chlorinated Pesticides, Herbicides and Organohalides
• 525.2 Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
• 550.1 Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons
• 608 ATP 3M0222 Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs
• 1613B Dioxins and Furans
• Other EPA Methods
SDB-XC Polystyrenedivinylbenzene • EPA Method 515.2 Chlorinated Acids
SDB-RPS Polystyrenedivinylbenzene
Reverse Phase Sulfonated
• Explosives Residues (HDX, RDX)
Cation Exchange - SR Metals, Amines
Anion Exchange - SR • EPA Method 548.1 Rev. 1 Endothall
• EPA Method 552.1 Rev. 1 Haloacetic Acids and Dalapon
• Other analytes containing carboxylic acid groups
Oil & Grease • EPA Method 1664 Rev. A n-Hexane Extractable Materials
Chelating • Divalent metals and other divalent cations
Activated Carbon • N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)
• Water-soluble or volatile analytes such as oxamyl and methamidophos
Notes: It is recommended to optimize the volume of elution solvent to ensure that the minimum volume is used that will elute the analyte reproducibly from the sorbent phase. Due to disruption of ionic interactions, which can be stronger than reversed-phase interactions, slightly more elution solvent volume may be required for mixed phase disks than for a reversed-phase sorbent.

Solvent Guidelines: Reversed-Phase (C18 and C8)
Step Solvent 47 mm Disk 90 mm Disk
Condition Methanol
Reagent Water
10-15 mL
20-50 mL
20-30 mL
30-100 mL
Sample Load Aqueous 100-1000 mL 500-2000 mL
Elute Organic 10-15 mL 20-30 mL
Note: Suggested solvent volumes will vary according to the disk diameter, the amount of filter aid material, the analyte, the analyte’s affinity for the chosen sorbent, and the strength of the eluting solvent. A general guide for solvent volumes is to completely cover the disk and bed of filter aid, such that 2-3 mm of solvent is above the top surface.

Our Empore Technical Library comprises of dozens of helpful resources, application examples, and an 80+ page application bibliography to facilitate efficient method development and troubleshooting.