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Solid Phase Microextraction

Multi Fiber EXchanger (MFX) System

The Multi Fiber EXchanger (MFX) was developed and produced by Chromline s.r.l. Prato/Italy. It is designed to allow automated consecutive extraction and desorption for a number of different SPME fibers, without the need for manual change-out of the fiber in the autosampler holder. Benefits of automated fiber exchanger include:

  • No manual switching out of the fiber when performing extractions with a selection of SPME phases/fibers e.g. desorption of fibers from field sampling
  • Automated screening for optimal selectivity in SPME method development by setting up different SPME phase selectivities.
  • Analyte polarity range enhancement as a result of extraction of a sample with a variety of phase selectivities.
  • Program longer unattended GC/MS autosampler sequences.

SPME Fiber Savers (Fig. 11, Cat.No. 5712-U) are spring loaded Teflon cups located on the MFX tray keeping the fibers sealed before and after being analyzed.

SPME Multi-Fiber stations for 3 fibers or for 25 fibers are available from GERSTEL GmbH & Co. KG.

Watch a video that demonstrates the use of SPME FFA in the GERSTEL MultiPurpose Sampler.

View product information on the GERSTEL website.


Fiber Saver