MALDI Mass Spectrometry

Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry has, since it’s initial development in 1985, become one of the major “soft” mass spectrometry methods (next to ESI) of analyzing large or labile molecules, such as proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, polymers and lipids. Recent advances in the area of metabolomics and single-cell analysis has further increased the importance of MALDI-MS.
We offer high-purity reagents, matrices and standards tailored for MALDI-MS in a constantly increasing, comprehensive portfolio. Additionally, as a supplier of analytical reagents and standards, quality assurance is of prime importance to us. We employ a comprehensive Quality Assurance System according to EN 29001 and ISO 9001. Each of our products is manufactured to clear, guaranteed specifications.

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High Purity Matrices and Reagents for MALDI-MS


MALDI-MS analyses require highest purity matrices and reagents, as organic or trace metal contaminations cause adverse effects during crystallization, ionization or measurement. Therefore, MALDI matrices and reagents are designed to fulfill the demanding requirements of today’s challenging applications.

Not sure which matrix is suitable for your application? See our matrix selection page, which is filterable by analyte suitability, and documents on sample preparation.


Standards for calibration and validation in MALDI-MS


Sigma Aldrich offers a comprehensive array of validation and calibration standards for MALDI-MS based on different substance classes most often analyzed by this method (proteins, peptides, polymers).


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