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Reporter 28.5 (t210005)

PDF (2 MB)
• Feature Article: Alternative Retention and Selectivity Using Fluorinated Stationary Phases
• Liquid Chromatography: Alternative Retention and Selectivity Using Fluorinated Stationary Phases
Efficient Conversion of HPLC Instruments between Normal-Phase and Reversed-Phase Solvents
Astec CLC-L and CLC-D
Reversed-phase HPLC Buffers
• Sample Preparation: Selective Phospholipid Extractions for Cleanup or Enrichment Using HybridSPE-Phospholipid
Preventing Contamination of Thermal Desorption Tubes During Storage Using TDS3 Storage Containers
• Gas Chromatography: Analytical Tools to Determine the Ethanol Content of Denatured Fuel Ethanol by ASTM D5501
Headspace Solvents for Analysis of OVI
• Standards: Fuel Ethanol: Fermentation Analysis by HPLC
High-Purity DNPH Standards for Monitoring of Atmospheric Carbonyls
Drinking Water Odor Standards
• Accessories: Compatible Vials and Closures in Easy-to-Use Kits
Precise Manual Injections Every Time with the Merlin MicroShot Injector
Silanization Service for Vials

Reporter 28.4 (t210004)

PDF (1.6 MB)
• Feature Article: Rapid Analysis of Caffeinated Energy Drinks by HPLC on Ascentis® Express
• Liquid Chromatography: Rapid Analysis of Caffeinated Energy Drinks by HPLC on Ascentis Express
Ascentis Express Guards: Efficient and Effective Protection for all HPLC and UHPLC Columns
LC-MS Pre-blended Solvents and Water
• Sample Preparation: Supel-Select HLB SPE
BPE-DNPH: A More Effective Device for Sampling Airborne Carbonyls Under High Humidity Conditions
SPME Fast Fit Assemblies for Automated Fiber Exchange
New SPME Devices for Air/Field Sampling
• Gas Chromatography: Broad Range of Selective Cyclodextrin Phases for Chiral GC
Help, I'm Trapped in Alphabet Soup!
New Adapter for On-the-Fly Sampling During Distillation
Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) Using Gas Chromatography (GC)
• Standards: New Analytical Standards for R-(+)-Lipoic Acid
New Neat and Single-component Solutions
Premixed Sterol Referance Standards
C18:1 cis/trans (FAMEs)
• Accessories: Maximum Sample Recovery with MRQ30 CD™ Vials
6-Unit Multipacks of Hamilton Autosampler Syringes

Reporter 28.3 (t210003)

PDF (1.2 MB)
• Feature Article: SPME-LC Fiber Probes
• Liquid Chromatography: High-Efficiency Ion-Exchange Separations of Proteins and Peptides on Discovery® BIO PolyMA
Metabolomic Profiling of Neurospora crassa Fungi using HILIC and Reversed-Phase LC-MS
Polyphenolic Compounds and Vanillin in Cocoa Using Ascentis Express RP-Amide and MS Detection
Fittings for Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Hamilton Company Line of Polymeric HPLC Columns
LC-MS Solvents, Blends and Additives
• Sample Handling: Development of C18 SPME Fiber Probes for LC Applications
Enrichment of Phospholipids in Biological Samples Using HybridSPE®-PPT
• Gas Chromatography: ENVI-Carb™ Plus for the Extraction of Propylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol from Water
Melamine and Related Compounds in Dog Food Using GC-MS
Headspace Grade Solvents
• Standards: Phenolic Calibration Standards for Monitoring Wastewaters
• Accessories: Heavy Wall CD Vials Increase Sample Recovery

Reporter 28.2 (t210002)

PDF (1.7 MB)
• Feature Article: Peptide Mapping with Ascentis Express Peptide ES-C18
• Liquid Chromatography: Peptide Mapping with Ascentis Express Peptide ES-C18
Ascentis ES Cyano – New “Extra Stable” Cyano Phase Shown as a Confirmatory Column for US EPA Method 8330
Newly-Expanded Chiral Screening Services
Ion Pair Chromatography
• Sample Handling: Minimizing Phospholipid Matrix Effects in HILIC LC-MS using HybridSPE®- Precipitation Small Volume Plates
Analysis of Organophosphorous Pesticides in Produce by Solid/Liquid Extraction and Dual-Layer Amino- Silica/Carbon SPE Cleanup and GC-NPD
Comparison of TDS3™ Storage Containers Performance to Swagelok® Fittings and Glass Storage Containers
Save Up to 70% on Silica Gel For Your Everyday Needs
• Gas Chromatography: Gas Cylinder Pressure Regulators
GC-MS Tuning Solutions, Internal and Surrogate Standards
• Standards: 13C isotope-labeled Mycotoxin Standards for GC- and LC/MS/MS
Sigma-Aldrich – Your Source for Physical Properties Standards
• Accessories: Precleaned Vials
Silanization Service for Vials

Reporter 28.1 (t210001)
Reporter 28.1 (T210001)
PDF (2.2 MB)
• Feature Article: Volatile Profiles of Honeys Using HS-SPME-GC-MS
• Liquid Chromatography: Accelerated Bioanalytical LC-MS-MS Using Ascentis Express Fused-Core HPLC Columns
Flexible Method Development Using a New pH Stable HPLC Column, Kromasil Eternity C18
• Sample Handling: Increased Bioanalytical Throughput and Recovery Utilizing HybridSPE-PPT Small Volume Plates
Introducing Supelco Glass-Fritted Thermal Desorption Tubes with Barcode
SPME Fast Fit Assemblies (FFA) & Multi-Fiber Exchanger (MFX)
• Gas Chromatography: Volatile Profiles of Honeys Using HS-SPME-GC-MS
The Utility of Headspace Grade Solvents for the Analysis of Organic Volatile Impurities
• Standards: FAME Standard for Optimizing GC System Performance
NEW! Analytical Standards Resources
• Accessories: Molded Thermogreen LB-2 Septa Durability
SGE Introduces Color-Coded Syringes
Reporter 27.5 (t209005)
Reporter 27.5 (T209005)
PDF (1.6 MB)
• Feature Article: GC-MS Analysis of Pesticides, Feed Additives, and Veterinary Drugs
• Liquid Chromatography: Advantages of Reversed-Phase for Preparative Chiral Separations
Supelco Preparative HPLC Products for Pharmaceutical Development and Production
Ascentis Express Family of Selectivities
LC-MS Solvents, Blends, and Additives
LC-MS Water
• Sample Handling: Recovery & Sample Cleanup of Pesticides in Spinach Using Supelclean ENVI-Carb-II/PSA SPE
An Improved BPE-DNPH Cartridge for the Simultaneous Determination of Ozone and Carbonyls
Extraction and Analysis of PAHs in Olive Oil using Molecularly Imprinted Polymer SPE and GC-MS
• Gas Chromatography: ‘Positive List’ Chemicals by GC-MS on the SLB-5ms
• Standards: Oil & Grease Standards for US EPA Method 1664
Quantitative Pesticide Calibration Mixtures
PNA/PONA/P-I-A-N-O Calibration Standards for Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyses
• Accessories: QSertVial Kits - The Ultimate Microsampling Device

Reporter 27.4 (t209004)
Reporter 27.4 (T209004)
PDF (1.9 MB)
• Liquid Chromatography: UHPLC with the new Ascentis® Express Phenyl-Hexyl Column
NEW! Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatography Accessories
Reversed-Phase HPLC Buffers
Discovery® BIO GFC 3 µm Packings
• Sample Handling: Extraction of Nitroimidazoles from Milk and Eggs using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers
The Analysis of Resveratrol in Red Wine by On-Fiber Derivatization/SPME
• Gas Chromatography: Comparing the Enantioselectivity of Cyclodextrin-Based GC Chiral
Determination of Triglycerides and Waxes in Food Products Using Cool On-Column Injection and the MET-Biodiesel Capillary Column
• Standards: NSI Solutions Inorganic Product Line
Characterized Reference Oils for Standardizing Lipid Procedures
Mono-, Di-, and Triglyceride Chemical Standards
• Accessories: SGE Slim Line Syringes for CTC/Leap Autosamplers

Reporter 27.3 (t209003)
Reporter 27.3 (T209003)
PDF (1.3 MB)
• Feature Article: Colors of the World: Fast Separation of Dyes with Ascentis Express
• Liquid Chromatography: Separation of Proteins and Peptides on Discovery
BIO Wide Pore (300Å) C18, C8 and C5 Phases
Chiral Chromatography Product Updates
• Sample Handling: NEW Supel-Select HLB SPE for Pharmaceutical Analysis
NEW! Radiello Diffusive Sampler for Monitoring 1,3-Butadiene and Isoprene in Workplace Air
• Gas Chromatography: Prevent GC Inlet Problems BEFORE They Cost You Time and Money!
Capillary Column Ferrule Selection and Installation
Static Headspace GC Solvents, Standards
and Columns
• Standards: Sigma-Aldrich Separate Source Standards Ease Audit Process
TraceCERT: Traceable Certified Reference Materials for Ion Chromatography
• Accessories: Micro Volume Vial Inserts

Reporter 27.2 (t209002)
Reporter 27.2 (T209002)
PDF (1.4 MB)
• Feature Article: Profiling of Stevia rebaudiana Extract by Accurate Mass Using HILIC and Reversed-Phase Chromatography
• Liquid Chromatography: Discovery BIO GFC Separation Volume and Peak Capacity
Astec CYCLOBOND I 2000 HP-RSP – Unique CSP for Chiral HPLC and LC-MS Separations
High Purity LC-MS Mobile Phase Additives and Water
• Sample Handling: Troubleshooting Analyte Recovery when Using HybridSPE-Precipitation Technology
Using SPME in the Analysis of Drugs of Abuse
Pipette Tips for Micro-Purification – Priced to Meet Your Budget
• Gas Chromatography: How to Optimize GC Separations: Start With the Proper Column
GC Analysis of Glycols and Diols
• Standards: Sigma-Aldrich Introduces New Standards Kit for ASTM D5501: Determination of Ethanol Content of Denatured Fuel Ethanol
Monitor Food Antioxidants with Sigma-Aldrich Antioxidant Standards Kit
• Accessories: Certified Vials – Every Vial is Autosampler Compatible
• Tradeshows: ExTech 2009

Reporter 27.1 (t209001)
Reporter 27.1 (T209001)
PDF (1.6 MB)
• Feature Article: Determination of Free and Total Glycerin in B100 Biodiesel
• Liquid Chromatography: Maximize Sample Throughput with Ascentis Express Fused-Core™ Technology
Ascentis Express Capillary HPLC Columns – Fused-Core Technology Columns
Directly Replacing Acetonitrile with Methanol in HPLC Mobile Phases
High Performance Replacement Fitting for Agilent 1100/1200 HPLC Systems
• Sample Handling: SPME for the Extraction of Pharmaceutical Compounds from Water
Molecularly Imprinted Polymer SPE for Extraction of Fluoroquinolones from Bovine Kidney
• Gas Chromatography: Measuring Flows for GC – Volumetric vs. Mass
• Standards: LC-MS Solvents – Water and Pre-Blended Mobile Phase Additives
• Accessories: New Hamilton C-Line Syringes for CTC Analytics
Pre-Cut Septa for HPLC Analysis
• Tradeshows: PITTCON 2009 Presentations
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