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Standing by our Products
When you order a FluoroFlash® product from Sigma-Aldrich, you not only gain access to Sigma-Aldrich customer support, you also get access to support on specific fluorous issues from Fluorous Technologies, Inc. Should a problem arise with a FluoroFlash® product, Sigma-Aldrich and Fluorous Technologies, Inc. will do all we can to assure your success.

Quality Control
All FluoroFlash® products are analyzed for identification and assayed for purity. FluoroFlash® reagents, catalysts, and scavengers are also assayed for non-fluorous impurities. Records of Analysis for each lot sold are available upon request.

Technical Support
Many of our products have a detailed application note that shows you how to use it successfully. A listing of the application notes for the compounds sold by Sigma-Aldrich are listed below. Should you need additional support for any reason, help is only a phone call or email away. Call Fluorous Technologies, Inc. at (412) 826-3050 or (877) FLUOROFLASH. Email us at contact-fti@fluorous.com.

When you contact Fluorous Technologies, Inc., you will speak to a scientist. Nearly every employee has a background in scientific research and many have worked previously within the life sciences. We participate regularly in scientific conferences and publish often in peer-reviewed journals. Over 70 presentations and publications have been published from our lab.

We are ready to help you apply fluorous techniques in your work.

Application Notes (PDF)

Tags / Protecting Groups


Tags / Protecting Groups Products

Description FTI Product No. S-A Product No.
F-Boc-ON F017003 55118
FluorMar F017027 40829
F-PMB-OH F017006 97071
F-Cbz-Osu F017008 14944
F-Thiol F017023 08686
F-TIPS analog F017004 04537

Solution-phase Scavengers


Solution-phase Scavengers Products

Description FTI Product No. S-A Product No.
F-Isatoic Anhydride F017028 07172
F-Isocyanate F017032 18486
F-Thiol F017023 08686

Reagents and Catalysts


Reagents and Catalysts Products

Description FTI Product No. S-A Product No.
Mitsunobu reaction F002610 68333
F-PPh3 F017039 07026
F-CDMT F026171 672378
F-Thiol F017023 08686
F-Sn=O F026051 43482

F-SPE Cartridges


F-SPE Cartridges Products

Description FTI Product No. S-A Product No.
2 grams, 8 cc tube,
40 µm particle size
801-0027S 14196
5 grams, 10 cc tube, 40 µm particle size 801-0058S 00866
10 grams, 60 cc tube, 40 µm particle size 801-0109S 08967
20 grams, 60 cc tube, 40 µm particle size 801-0209S 08966, 06961

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