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Products for Suzuki Coupling

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Cyclic Aryl-Substituted Amino Acid Derivatives

Aryl a-substituted proline analogs and g-substituted pyroglutamates are valuable building blocks in both medicinal and peptide chemistry. Through Suzuki coupling technology, they can be used as starting materials in the conversion of aryl bromides into biaryl compounds. These products have also found uses in peptide chemistry for the introduction of diversity and structural constraints in peptidomimetics.


Cat. No. Product Information Unit Sizes
58147 Boc-a-allyl-DL-proline 500mg
52969 Boc-a-benzyl-DL-proline 500mg
90682 Boc-a-(2-bromobenzyl)-DL-proline 500mg
94866 Boc-a-(4-bromobenzyl)-DL-proline 500mg
90683 Boc-a-(2-chlorobenzyl)-DL-proline 500mg
90684 Boc-a-(3-chlorobenzyl)-DL-proline 500mg
30763 Boc-a-(diphenylmethyl)-DL-proline 500mg
74082 Boc-a-(4-fluorobenzyl)-DL-proline 500mg
68691 Boc-a-methyl-DL-proline 500mg
76501 Boc-a-(4-methylbenzyl)-DL-proline 500mg
36748 Boc-a-(1-naphthylmethyl)-DL-proline 500mg
95566 Boc-a-propyl-DL-proline 500mg
92392 (4R)-Boc-4-benzyl-L-pyroglutamic acid 500mg
51747 (4R)-Boc-4-benzyl-L-pyroglutamic acid benzyl ester 500mg
74624 (4R)-Boc-4-(2-bromobenzyl)-L-pyroglutamic acid benzyl ester 500mg
53371 (4R)-Boc-4-(4-bromobenzyl)-L-pyroglutamic acid benzyl ester 500mg
59703 (4R)-Boc-4-(4-methylbenzyl)-L-pyroglutamic acid benzyl ester 500mg