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ChemFilesTitleVol. 2, No. 3
Products for NMR

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Cell Free Synthesis / Peptide Synthesis / Custom Synthesis

Labeled Products for Cell Free Synthesis
Cat. No. Product Informaion Atom %
Fully labeled 15N Amino Acids
44,749-8 Glycerol-d8 98
29,929-4 Glycine-15N 98+
33,215-1 L-4-Hydroxyphenylalanine-15N 98+
33,212-7 L-Alanine-15N 98+
60,011-3 L-Arginine-15N4HCl 98+
48,591-8 L-Asparagine-15N2•H2O 98+
33,213-5 L-Aspartic-15N Acid 98+
60,912-9 L-Cysteine-15N 98+
33,214-3 L-Glutamic-15N Acid 98+
49,003-2 L-Glutamine-15N2 98+
60,901-3 L-Isoleucine-15N 98+
34,096-0 L-Leucine-15N 98+
60,902-1 L-Lysine-15N2 HCl 98+
60,924-2 L-Methionine-15N 98+
49,010-5 L-Phenylalanine-15N 98+
60,899-8 L-Proline-15N 98+
60,900-5 L-Serine-15N 98+
60,909-9 L-Threonine-15N 98+
49,017-2 L-Valine-15N 98+
Fully labeled 13C, 15N Amino Acids
48,952-2 Glycine-13C2,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,799-1 L-4-Hydroxyphenylalanine-13C9,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
48,988-3 L-Alanine-13C3,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,803-3 L-Arginine-13C6,15N4 HCL 98+13C; 98+15N
60,815-7 L-Asparagine-13C4,15N2.H2O 98+13C; 98+15N
60,783-5 L-Aspartic Acid-13C4,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,785-1 L-Glutamic Acid-13C5,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,798-3 L-Glutamine-13C5,15N2 98+13C; 98+15N
60,809-2 L-Isoleucine-13C6,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,806-8 L-Leucine-13C6,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,804-1 L-Lysine-13C6,15N2 HCL 98+13C; 98+15N
60,801-7 L-Phenylalanine-13C9,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,811-4 L-Proline-13C5,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,813-0 L-Serine-13C3,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,777-0 L-Threonine-13C4,15N 98+13C; 98+15N
60,014-8 L-Valine-13C5,15N 98+13C; 98+15N

Products for Peptide Synthesis

Isotec offers an extensive product line of protected amino acids-N-FMOC, N-t-BOC, and CBZ- derivatives fully labeled in the Amino Acid moiety or selectively labeled.

For more information, please contact Isotec at 800-448-9760 (USA) or (937)-859-1808. For international customers, please contact your local Sigma-Aldrich office or Isotec agent for pricing & availability on catalog quantities.

Other Products of Interest Atom %
44,749-8 Glycerol-d8 98
45,452-4 Glycerol-1,1,2,3,3-d5 98
48,947-6 Glycerol-13C3 99
49,112-8 Methyl-13C Alcohol (~12% 18O) (Methanol) 99
28,201-4 Acetic Acid-13C2, Sodium Salt (Sodium Acetate) 99
29,911-1 Acetic-d3 Acid-13C2, Sodium Salt (Sodium Acetate) 9913C; 99D
17,607-9 Acetic-d3 Acid, Sodium Salt (Sodium Acetate) 99

Custom Synthesis

Since 1987, Isotec has been engaged in the custom synthesis of labeled compounds. Isotec’s synthesis team is comprised of an impressive group of experienced professionals, who have performed thousands of synthesis projects. Combined with a large inventory of labeled starting materials, Isotec can provide fast turnaround time for custom synthesis, thus allowing customers to perform research and manufacture their products with a short time.

For more information on custom synthesis of labeled isotopes, please contact Isotec at 800-448-9760 (USA) or your local Sigma-Aldrich office if you are in France, Spain, or Portugal. For other international customers, please contact your local Isotec agent.