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Vol . 2, No. 5
Rieke® Organozinc & Organomagnesium Reagents

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Organozinc compounds, first prepared by Frankland in 1848,1 are used extensively in organic synthesis today. Interestingly, the choice of preparative route to organozinc reagents of the type RZnX (R=alkyl, aryl; X=halide)2-5 does play an important role in the reactivity and stability of these compounds. Aldrich now offers a comprehensive line of Rieke® Organozinc Reagents that are stable as solutions in tetrahydrofuran. These reagents have different reactivity and selectivity properties than the analogous Grignard Reagents, and are employed in cross-coupling reactions,6-8 Michael additions, and electrophilic amination reactions.9 If you do not see the compound you need, please let us know. Your new product suggestions are always welcome!

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