Rieke® Organozinc & Organomagnesium Reagents
Vol . 2, No. 5

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Lab Equipment

CHEM-FLEX™ Transfer Lines / Rubber or Silicone Septa
Schlenk Flasks / Manifolds

CHEM-FLEX™ Transfer Lines

Especially suited for transfer of products packed in Sure/Seal™ bottles. These ready-to-use transfer lines incorporate CHEM-FLEX™ 106 tubing, which has a chemically inert, thin-wall PTFE inner tube sheathed in clear PVC for extra strong, flexible lines that are resistant to crushing or kinking. Two 12 gauge SS needles (6 and 18in.) are connected to the CHEM-FLEX™ 106 tubing with nylon clamps. Liquids contact only PTFE and SS during transfers.


Tubing L (in.) Catalog No.
30 Z23,102-9
60 Z28,175-1
120 Z28,177-8
Serrated Rubber or Silicone Septa

Closure has a turnover flange molded to grip outside of container neck, promoting a double seal in conjunction with annular serrations on a hollow plug. Annular serrations depress themselves against the inside wall of the bottle neck, making each serration a suction sealing point.


Silicone Serrated Septa (shown above) are excellent for high-heat and sterile applications.

Suba•Seal is a registered trademark of William Freeman & Co. Ltd.
Sure/Seal is a trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany and/or its affiliates.


Fits container neck i.d. (mm) For use
White rubber
Cat. No.
Red rubber
Cat. No.
Blue rubber
Cat. No.
Cat. No.
8.0 10/30 Z51,217-6 Z51,216-8 Z51,264-8 Z27,973-0
12.5 14/20 Z51,212-5 Z51,211-7 Z51,267-2 Z27,974-9
16.0 Sure/Seal™ Z51,219-2 Z51,218-4 Z51,269-9 Z27,975-7
17.5 19/22 Z51,221-4 Z51,220-6 Z51,270-2 Z27,976-5
20.5 24/40 Z51,214-1 Z51,213-3 Z51,272-9 Z27,977-3
25.5 29/42 Z51,223-0 Z51,222-2 Z51,275-3 Z27,978-1




Natural Rubber Septa


For use with: White rubber
Cat. No.
Red rubber
Cat. No.
5mm NMR tubes Z10,070-6 Z12,433-8
7mm o.d. tubing Z10,071-4 Z12,434-6
8 or 9mm o.d. tubing Z10,072-2 Z12,435-4
9 or 10mm o.d. tubing Z10,073-0 Z12,436-2
13mm i.d. tubing Z12,743-4 Z12,744-2
S.T. 10/30 joints Z10,075-7 Z12,438-9
S.T. 14/20 joints Z10,074-9 Z12,437-0
S.T. 19/22 joints Z10,076-5 Z11,830-3
S.T. 24/40 joints Z10,145-1 Z12,439-7
Schlenk Flasks

Available with a 2mm glass stopcock. The side arm accommodates a septum (use Z10,072-2 or Z12,435-4).

Designed for small-scale manipulation of air- and moisture-sensitive reagents!

Kjeldahl Reaction and Storage Flasks

Cap. (mL) S.T. Joint Outer Joint
Cat. No.
Inner Joint
Cat. No.
25 14/20 Z51,567-1 Z51,577-9
50 14/20 Z51,569-8 Z51,578-7
100 14/20 Z51,570-1 Z51,579-5
100 24/40 Z51,572-8 Z51,580-9
100 29/32 Z51,573-6 Z51,581-7
250 14/20 Z51,574-4 Z51,582-5
250 24/40 Z51,575-2 Z51,583-3
250 29/32 Z51,576-0 Z51,584-1


Reaction and Storage Tubes

Cap. (mL) S.T. Joint Outer Joint
Cat. No.
Inner Joint
Cat. No.
25 14/20 Z51,598-1 Z51,608-2
50 14/20 Z51,600-7 Z51,609-0
100 14/20 Z51,601-5 Z51,610-4
100 24/40 Z51,602-3 Z51,611-2
100 29/32 Z51,603-1 Z51,612-0
250 14/20 Z51,605-8 Z51,613-9
250 24/40 Z51,606-6 Z51,614-7
250 29/32 Z51,607-4 Z51,615-5


Solvent Storage Flasks

Cap. (mL) S.T. Joint Cat. No.
25 14/20 Z51,586-8
50 14/20 Z51,587-6
100 14/20 Z51,588-4
100 24/40 Z51,589-2
100 29/32 Z51,590-6
250 14/20 Z51,591-4
250 24/40 Z51,592-2
250 29/32 Z51,593-0
500 24/40 Z51,594-9
500 29/32 Z51,595-7
1000 24/40 Z51,596-5
1000 29/32 Z51,597-3

Manifolds with S.T. Joints

This practical design provides clearance to accommodate up to 250mL flasks with the snap of a Keck® clip! Manifolds have 4mm bore glass stopcocks and are available with either S.T. 14/20 or S.T. 24/40 joints.

Positions Overall L (mm) S.T. 14/20 Cat. No. S.T. 24/40 Cat. No.
3 300 Z53,066-2 Z53,069-7
4 400 Z53,067-0 Z53,070-0
5 500 Z53,068-9 Z53,071-9




Single- and Dual-Bank Manifolds

Positions Overall L (mm) Single-bank Cat. No. Dual-bank Cat. No.
Glass stopcock, 4mm bore
3 300 Z53,213-4 Z20,268-1
4 400 Z53,214-2 Z20,270-3
5 500 Z53,215-0 Z24,357-4
High-vacuum, PTFE J. Young valves
3 300 Z53,219-3 Z41,413-1
4 400 Z53,220-7 Z41,415-8
5 500 Z53,221-5 Z41,416-6