Vol 2 No 7


Vol. 2, No. 7
Eckert's Cartridges for Safe Phosgenations


What if phosgene reagents were available off the shelf in your lab? What if you could obtain them without any transport and storage concerns? Or use them without complicated equipment, or worrying about handling them due to the safety hazards commonly associated with phosgene?

Impossible? NOT ANYMORE! Sigma-Aldrich now offers Eckert’s Cartridges for Safe Phosgenation (U. S. Patent 6,399,822 B1) to our customers worldwide. Based on the catalytic formation of phosgene, the cartridge contains a unique, safe precursor capable of generating this versatile reagent in quantities of 20 mmol and 50 mmol.

Eckert’s Cartridges for Safe Phosgenation offer many benefits:

  • More versatile chemistry through phosgene, when other reagents offer poor results
  • Fast reactions under mild conditions
  • High conversion rates and yields
  • Simple workup of reactions to obtain pure products
  • Safe transport and storage
  • Safe and easy handling through premeasured, commonly used quantities
  • Time and cost efficiency
  • Solvent-free reagent
  • Less waste and easy disposal of used cartridges

These advantages of Eckert’s cartridges provide easy access to the world of phosgene chemistry.


Starter Kit: Contains one Cartridge for Safe Phosgene Generation, 0.02mol (#51,975-8), one gastight adapter with hose, one dosimeter badge + paper, and instructions

1 kit 51,978-2

Replacement Cartridges:

Cartridge for Safe Phosgene Generation, 0.02mol

1 pk. 5 pk. 51,975-8

Cartridge for Safe Phosgene Generation, 0.05mol

1 pk. 5 pk. 51,976-6