Schlenk Type Glassware

Vol. 3, No. 1
Strong and Hindered Bases in Organic Synthesis
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Introduction / Phosphazene Bases / Verkade's Superbases / Traditional bases
Preservation of Reagents / Schlenk-Type Glassware


This system is specifically designed for additions, chemical reactions, distillations, drying/evaporation, extractions, filtrations, recrystallizations, washing, degassing, and transfers of solids and liquids. For small-scale manipulation of air- and moisture-sensitive reagents. Our Schlenk-type glassware is available with greaseless threaded S.T. 14/20 ground-glass joints and is compatible with the All-in-One Glassware Kit.

  • Greaseless threaded S.T. joints require no clamps
  • Narrow openings minimize infusion of air during manipulations
  • Side-arm stopcocks for evacuation of air and purging with inert gas
  • May be used with ordinary glassware with S.T. joints

Threaded joint consists of an externally threaded female S.T. joint and a corresponding male S.T. joint with a threaded plastic nut and O-ring that seals above the ground-glass joint to make a vacuum-tight, greaseless seal. A simple twist of the nut loosens the joint for safe disassemblCC.

Applications / Products


Addition of Liquids

For the addition of an air-free solvent, or liquid to a solid.

Set-up: Addition funnel, reaction flask or tube and hex head stopper.


Chemical Reaction

After securing the reaction flask and initiating stirring, the apparatus is slowly rotated about the joint between the two adapters, allowing the reagent solution to flow into the reaction flask.

Set-up: Two reaction flasks and two bent adapters.



Distillation under inert atmosphere and/or reduced pressure is easily accomplished using this apparatus.

Set-up: A storage flask connected to a Vigreux distilling column, 3-way connecting adapter, thermometer adapter, Liebig condenser, vacuum distillation adapter, and a reaction and storage flask.



This apparatus is useful for removing solvents from temperature-sensitive materials, especially over long periods of time.

Set-up: Storage and reaction flask via a bent adapter is connected to a cold-trap equipped with a connecting adapter (in-line with glass stopcock).


Extraction and Filtration

Set-ups for the extraction and filtration of solids are illustrated above.

Set-up: Examples 1, 2, and 3 are arrangements of flasks and a filter funnel. Set-up 2 also uses two angled adapters and 3 uses a straight adapter. Set-up 4 has a low-temperature filter funnel connected to a Liebig condenser, equipped with a vacuum adapter, and a reaction and storage flask.



The H-Schlenk tube permits low-temperature filtration if a large cooling bath is used. The illustration shows a set-up for recrystallization. Starting material is transferred from the reaction and storage tube on the far left, to into the H-Schlenk tube where it is dissolved with solvent from the dropping funnel, filtered into the right leg, and recrystallized. Purified material is transferred to the sealing tube on the far right.

Set-up: Double-tube recrystallizer (H-Schlenk tube), reaction and storage tube, dropping funnel, hex head stoppers, straight adapter, joint cap and a sealing tube.



An air-sensitive sample dispersed in a wash solvent is loaded via syringe at the top inlet through a septum. Vacuum and inert gas pressure produces the washing action. The stopcocks on the side-arm then redirect the inert gas for filtration.

Set-up: Filter/washer/degasser unit with a rubber septum at the top attached to a reaction flask.


Filtration/ Washing

A precipitate may be collected and washed using this apparatus.

Set-up: Reaction and storage flask connected to a double-ended filter, to a straight adapter, followed by a 3-way connecting adapter connected to a reaction and storage flask and to an addition funnel with a hex head stopper.


Transfer of Solids


No. 1 has a solid transfer vessel attached to a filter funnel via a reducing adapter, straight adapter an joint caps.

No. 2 shows a sealing tube attached to the side-arm of the solid transfer vessel.


Description Standard
Taper Joint*
Cat. No.
A.   Straight adapter 2-F Z17,321-5
AA. Straight adapter with drip-tip 2-F Z22,044-2
B.   1050-Bent adapter with hose barb 1-M, 1-F Z16,744-4
C.   900-Bent adapter 1-M, 1-F Z22,012-4
D.   750-Bent adapter 2-F Z17,304-5
E.   Vacuum adapter 1-M Z16,753-3
F.   Thermometer adapter 1-M Z16,756-8
G.   Adapter with glass stopcock 1-M, 1-F Z22,024-8
H.   Three-way adapter 2-M, 1-F Z17,332-0
HH. Three-way adapter, 750 angle 2-M, 1-F Z16,745-2
I.     Reducing adapter 45/40F to 14/20M Z22,036-1
*Unless specified, all joint sizes are S.T. 14/20.
Description Standard
Taper Joint*
Cat. No.
J. Female joint cap F Z17,342-8
K. Female joint cap 45/40F Z22,032-9
L. Male joint cap M Z23,085-5
M. Hex head stopper M Z16,757-6
*Unless specified, all joint sizes are S.T. 14/20.
Cold-traps, columns and condensers
Description Standard
Taper Joint*
Cat. No.
N. Cold-trap for isothermic evaporation 2-F Z22,041-8
O. Vigreux distilling column, 150mm long 1-M, 1-F Z16,751-7
P. Liebig condenser, 100mm long 1-M, 1-F Z16,752-5
*Unless specified, all joint sizes are S.T. 14/20.
Flasks and tubes
Description Cap. (mL) Standard
Taper Joint*
Cat. No.
Q. Reaction flask with glass stopcock on side-arm
  25 M Z22,026-4
  50 M Z22,028-0
  100 M Z22,030-2
R. Reaction and storage flask, Kjeldahl, with glass stopcock on side-arm
  25 F Z17,323-1
  50 F Z17,325-8
  100 F Z17,326-6
S. Solvent storage flask with glass stopcock on side-arm
  50 F Z17,306-1
  100 F Z17,308-8
  250 F Z17,309-6
T. Reaction and storage tube with glass stopcock on side-arm
  25 F Z17,312-6
  50 F Z17,322-3
U. Solid-transfer vessel for transferring and packaging air-sensitive solid compounds under inert atmosphere, has two side-arms with 14/20M joints and a gas inlet with glass stopcock
  75 3-M Z22,059-0
V. Sealing tube for use with solid-transfer vessel
  15 F Z22,043-4
W. Addition funnel with Rotaflo® stopcock, and glass stopcock on side-arm
  100 1-M, I-F Z17,349-5
X. Filter funnel with drip-tip and two glass stopcocks, one on side-arm, frit porosity 25-50mm
  75 1-M, I-F Z17,318-5
Y. Filter funnel with drip-tip and two side-arms each equipped with a glass stopcock, frit porosity 25-50mm
  100 1-M, I-F Z22,014-0
Z. Low temperature filter funnel, lower outlet is bent to allow for immersion of entire unit into a Dewar bath, frit porosity 25-50mm
  75 1-M, I-F Z17,335-5
BB. Double-ended filter with a glass stopcock on each of the two side-arms, frit porosity 25-50mm
  60 2-M Z17,347-9
CC. Filter/Washer/Degasser has septum-inlet, drip-tip, and PTFE stopcocks on side-arm, female top joint and male bottom joint, frit porosity 25-50mm
  100 1-M, I-F Z23,228-9
DD. Double-tube recrystallizers, frit porosity 25-50mm
    4-M Z17,336-3
*Unless specified, all joint sizes are S.T. 14/20.