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Many products such as aluminas, silicas and molecular sieves can be employed as reasonably effective drying agents which can usually be conveniently regenerated. Current chemical literature reflects an active interest in the drying process, and even the method by which a chemical reagent is produced as a dry solid has been investigated; for example, the effectiveness of anhydrous KF as a fluorinating agent has been related to its preparation by freezedrying14 and spraydrying15 techniques.

Comparative studies of desiccant efficiencies in reagent and solvent drying have been made.16-19

In addition to aluminum oxide, silica gel, molecular sieves, activated carbon and montmorillonite, we offer a comprehensive line of chemical products, including various grades of Drierite®, which can be used as drying agents.


Table 10 - Drierite® products
Catalog No. Particle size(mesh) Indicator
238910 4
238929 6
238937 8
238945 10-20
238953 20-40
238961 4 yes
238988 8 yes
238996 20-40 yes

® Registered trademark of W.A. Hammond Drierite Co.


Table 11* - Other products for drying
Catalog No. Description
223603 Barium oxide
221740 Boron oxide
239224 Calcium chloride, 48 mesh
222313 Calcium chloride, 20 mesh
208027 Calcium hydride, 4 + 40 mesh
213268 Calcium hydride, 40 mesh
213322 Calcium hydride, 1 +4 mesh
209171 Copper(II) sulfate
199877 Lithium aluminum hydride
220361 Magnesium oxide
222283 Magnesium perchlorate
208094 Magnesium sulfate
214701 Phosphorus pentoxide, powder
221473 Potassium hydroxide, pellets
217107 Sodium, spheres
221465 Sodium hydroxide, pellets
244872 Sodium-potassium alloy, 22% sodium
244880 Sodium-potassium alloy, 44% sodium

*Please consult our online Catalog for items not listed here.