New Diazoacetate Formulations

Diazoacetates have been widely employed for numerous organic transformations, including cyclopropanation, insertion, and aziridine-forming reactions. Aldrich is a leading research and bulk supplier for ethyl diazoacetate (EDA, E22201) and tert-butyl diazoacetate (480754), and we have been a leading supplier of these products for decades.

Despite its utility in many syntheses, process chemists have been concerned with safety issues associated with the use of diazoacetates at large scale. To address this, we now offer 15% solutions of our diazoacetates in toluene (752150, 752169), which has been demonstrated to be safe at process scale,1 and has been verified in our own R&D labs.

We have further expanded our portfolio to include the benzyl variant (752177 - neat; 752185 – 15% in toluene). This allows for even greater flexibility in your chosen synthetic pathway: you can modify your adduct by either hydrogenolysis or acid/base hydrolysis, depending on the diazoacetate you choose.

We can readily supply any of these diazoacetates at bulk scale, as well as accommodate custom projects for other diazoacetate products.

Benefits of Aldrich Diazoacetates:

  • Expanded portfolio and enhanced availability of compounds
  • Increased flexibility for the method of ester hydrolysis in your synthesis
  • Toluene solutions are safe to use at process scale
  • Can accommodate bulk and custom requests

References: (1) (a) Clark, J. D. et al. Org. Process Res. Dev. 2004, 8, 176; (b) Anthes, R. et al. Org. Process Res. Dev. 2008, 12, 168.

Diazoacetates from Aldrich

E22201 – contains ≤15% dichloromethane
752150 – 15% solution in toluene

480754 – contains <10% dichloromethane
752169 – 15% solution in toluene

752177 – contains ≤15% dichloromethane
752185 – 15% solution in toluene