Microreactor Explorer Kit

Microreactor Explorer Kit 19979

The Microreactor Explorer Kit 19979 is a quite affordable all-in-one solution for the application of innovative microreaction technology in chemical synthesis. Combined with a common heated bath already present in any chemistry laboratory the Microreactor Explorer Kit 19979 contains everything needed for instant execution of continuous flow chemistry.

This kit will help newcomers to the field of microreaction technology to explore continuous flow chemistry. Synthesis procedures can be developed with a minimum consumption of material and time. A single microreactor kit allows the direct scale-up to production capacities of several 100 g per day (depending on molecular weight and solubility of reactants) without any additional process development. Further increase of production capacities can be achieved by numbering-up microreactors.

The metal-free construction enables safe handling of aggressive compounds (e.g. acids, acid halides, nitration reagents) under permanent pressure and temperature supervision. Automatic shutdown functions permit unattended operation (e.g. overnight). Residence volumes are adjustable stageless according to individual demand.

The open construction of the kit also makes it ideally suited to introduce and teach microreaction technology to students.

Prominent fields of application:

  • Continuous Flow Synthesis
  • Process development
  • Production of several 100 g material per day
  • Safe performance of highly exothermic/hazardous reactions
  • Handling of products that are instable under reaction conditions
  • Product profile improvement (side product suppression)
  • Education


Kit content:
- 1 glass microreactor including clamp
- 2 rotary piston pumps
- 1 electronic control unit
- 2 pressure sensors
- 2 thermo sensors
- Residence time unit (I.D. 1/8 in. PTFE tube)
- Fittings, spare parts, metal stands, cable sets
- Manuals
- Case

Note: In order to perform reactions at elevated temperature or with cooling an additional heated bath will be required that is not included in the Kit 19979. Any hot plate and bath already available in your lab can be used. If desired, solutions from the Sigma-Aldrich Labware catalogue are available (e.g. IKA basic stirring hotplate Z630101 (EU) or Z403512 (US) with Heidolph oil bath Z619043 (EU)).



Flow rates 0.2 to 15 mL/min/pump (full temp. range)
Volume microreactor (MR) 0.85 mL
Volume residence time unit (RTU) 25 mL (expandable PTFE tube)
Reagent touching materials PTFE, borosilicate glass, ceramics
Temperature range -70 to 150 °C
Max. inner pressure 6.5 bar
AC input 120/240 V
Feature CE compliant

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