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New MIDA Boronates

MIDA Boronates: Stable Boronic Acid Surrogates for Classically Challenging Cross-Couplings

MIDA boronates are stable boronic acid surrogates used for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reactions. These reagents enable the coupling of historically unstable organoboron species; including those containing 2-heterocyclic, vinyl, and cyclopropyl moieties.

Benefits of MIDA Boronates:
  • Bench-top and chromatographically stable
  • Good solubility properties and monomeric in nature
  • Controlled in-situ slow-release allows for the cross-coupling of classically challenging substrates

Cross-Coupling of MIDA Boronates


Stable MIDA Boronates from Aldrich

Product # Structure Name
719390   2-Pyridinylboronic acid MIDA ester
723053   6-Methoxypyridine-2-boronic acid MIDA ester
723959   6-Methylpyridinyl-2-boronic acid MIDA ester
724629   1-(Dimethylamino)pyrrole-2-boronic acid MIDA ester, 97 %
717193    1-(p-Toluenesulfonyl)pyrrole-2-boronic acid MIDA ester
697443   1-(Phenylsulfonyl)-2-indolylboronic acid MIDA ester, 96 %
701017   2-Furanylboronic acid MIDA ester, 97 %
704547   5-Formyl-2-furanboronic acid MIDA ester, 97 % H-NMR
701106   2-Benzofuranylboronic acid MIDA ester, 97 %
708828   2-Thiopheneboronic acid MIDA ester
701092   5-Bromo-2-thiophenylboronic acid MIDA ester, 95 %
704415   Vinylboronic acid MIDA ester, 97 %
701831   trans-1-Propenylboronic acid MIDA ester
698199   cis-1-Propenylboronic acid MIDA ester
703478   trans-2-Bromovinylboronic acid MIDA ester
697311   Cyclopropylboronic acid MIDA ester, 97 %
710040   Cyclobutylboronic acid MIDA ester, 97 %

View a complete listing of MIDA Boronates from Sigma-Aldrich.


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