Chemical Synthesis

Reaxa Technology

Easier, Faster, and Cleaner Reactions

In partnership with Reaxa Ltd., Sigma-Aldrich is pleased to offer several technology platforms that allow for easier, faster, and cleaner processes. The technology integrates smoothly with existing methods, reduces purification steps, cuts contamination and allows recycling or efficient recovery of precious metals. Encapsulated catalysts (EnCat™) and metal scavengers (QuadraPure™ and QuadraSil™) are available exclusively through Sigma-Aldrich at research scale and address several significant problems commonly encountered in typical homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis:

  Problem Solution Why it Works
Difficulty in handling air/moisture sensitive, pyrophoric, or harmful catalysts EnCatTM Technology Encapsulation of Pd, Pt, and Os catalysts in a polyurea matrix protects catalyst activity, decreases handling hazards, and minimizes leaching. The benefits of a homogeneous catalyst are retained.
Removal/recovery of bulk metal catalyst from the reaction media EnCatTM Technology Encapsulation in the form of porous polymer “beads” gives a catalyst that is can be removed or recovered by simple filtration/decantation.
Trace metal contaminants from reaction media, originating from catalysts or elsewhere QuadraPureTM and QuadraSilTM Technology Scavenger-functionalized polymer or silica beads can effectively sequester trace metals. Metal-loaded bead can be removed by filtration/decantation.
Difficulty in handling conventional particulate carbon adsorbents due to dust and poor filtration QuadraPureTM C Technology Regular high surface area, high capacity spherical carbon beads >0.3 mm in diameter. Robust beads with excellent filtration characteristics.

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