Greener Alternatives Three Categories


A new icon has been added to identify our Greener alternative products. Products with this icon fulfill one of the three criteria.

  • Products reengineered by our scientists to significantly improve their environmental footprint
  • Products that align with the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry
  • Products that help make greener alternatives possible through enabling technologies


Re-engineered Products
Products found in the re-engineered category have been manufactured by our scientists. Members of the Worldwide Green Chemistry Committee have developed new ways to manufacture the products that use fewer resources, are less hazardous and/or generate less waste. We’ve also introduced an industry first scoring system to quantify the improvement in environmental footprint.  Learn more by visiting the Matrix Scoring explanation page.


12 Principles Aligned Products
These products demonstrate one or more characteristics that align with the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry. Examples of these products include a new line of products from one of our supply chain partners – Biomatrica®. The ambient storage technology of this company enables sample storage without the need for ultra-low-temperature freezers aligning with Green Chemistry Principle # 6 “Design for Energy Efficiency.”


Enabling Products
Enabling products are those that enable the research of alternative energy. Products throughtout our portfolios are used by scientists to unlock the power of nature, including a wide variety of novel and tested materials used for energy generation, storage, and efficiency. In addition to our constantly evolving portfolio, we maintain a number of collaborations with leading universities to develop and test the latest in alternative energy materials, ensuring the newest technology is always available to the research community.