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Whether you need HPLC 2-propanol, ACS 2-propanol, Anhydrous 2-propanol or another Sigma-Aldrich grade, we stock the right product for your application. As a leading supplier of high-purity, research grade solvents, we have the 2-propanol to meet your exact needs.

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2-Propanol Physical Properties
Synonym Isopropanol Beilstein Registry 635639
Molecular Formula (CH3)2CHOH EG/EC Number 2006617
Molecular Weight 60.10 MDL Number MFCD00011674
CAS Number 67-63-0 Vapor Pressure 33 mm Hg (20°C)
Density 0.785 g/mL at 25°C Dielectric Constant 20.18 at 20°C
Boiling Point 82°C Dipole Moment 1.560
Melting Point -89.5°C UV cutoff 210 nm
Flash Point 11.7°C Refractive Index 1.377 at 20°C
Viscosity (cP)  2.038 at 25°C Vapor Density 2.1 (vs. air)
RIDADR UN 1219 3/PG 2 Hazard Statements H225-H319-H336
Signal Word Danger
Precautonary Statements P210-P261-P305 + P351 + P338
  GHS02, GHS07
2-Propanol Miscibility / Immiscibility Table