High Purity Solvents

Spectrophotometric Solvents

Complete list of Spectrophotometric grade solvents

Sigma-Aldrich Spectrophotometric solvents are excellent for applications requiring high-purity, low residue on evaporation and a clean UV spectrum. Each one is rigorously tested during and after production to ensure lot-to-lot consistency is maintained.

Sigma-Aldrich Spectrophotometric solvents are available in Amber Glass Bottles.

Tax-Paid Ethanol

Complete list of Tax-Paid Ethanol

Purchasing 190 and 200 proof ethanol has never been easy, until now! Because these ethanols are federally regulated, a TTB permit is required to purchase 190 and 200 proof ethanol.

Sigma-Aldrich takes the hassle out of this process for you! There is no TTB paperwork needed or records to be kept on your part. Sigma-Aldrich immediately pays the federal excise tax (200-proof pure alcohol = $27.00/gallon).

For more regulatory information regard the tax on ethanol, visit the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

We offer tax-paid ethanol in a variety of grades to meet your application and are available in Amber Glass Bottles and Sure/Seal Bottles.

Pesticide Residue Analysis Solvents

Complete list of Pesticide Residue Analysis solvents

Sigma-Aldrich PRA solvents are glass-distilled and extensively tested by GC/ECD to ensure halogenated residue levels is kept to a minimum (<10ng/Liter unless otherwise indicated).

All PRA solvents are available in Amber Glass Bottles.

Capillary GC Solvents

Complete list of GC solvents

Sigma-Aldrich GC solvents are specially produced for those working with the stringent demands of capillary gas chromatography and are tested by GC/ECD to ensure that no peak greater than 2ng/Liter as lindane. Each solvent is glass-distilled, resulting in exceptional quality and low residue levels.

All GC solvents are available in Amber Glass Bottles.

NMR Solvents

Complete list of NMR solvents

Our wide range NMR solvents provide you with extremely low residual water, excellent chemical purity, and the highest isotopic enrichment available. The highest deuterium enrichment solvents are available exclusively from Sigma-Aldrich.

Electronic Solvents

Complete list of Electronic Solvents

Electronic grade solvents are used extensively throughout the semiconductor industry including cleaning equipment, drying wafers and substrate deposition or removal.