Global Citizenship Initiative

As 2010 begins, so does a new era for Sigma-Aldrich, an era of direct and transparent communication regarding our intent to make Global Citizenship a priority. Since the beginning of our Global Citizenship program in 2007 we have used “big language” to define the expectations of our initiative. The term “Breakthrough Worldview” was attached to our logo communicating something that would change the way we do business. To meet these exceedingly high expectations we began to outline how we would back-up those words. Our review of our Global Citizenship policies and culture of continuously looking for opportunities for improvement led us to launch GC1015. After reviewing our current position, we came up with seven goals that we collectively identified as areas where we could make improvements that would benefit our environment and society. Through actionable and accountable goals, we plan to work steadily and report frequently on the progress that we’ve made in transforming the world’s leading life science and high technology Company into a more environmentally conscious and socially aware company.


  1. Waste Intensity* Improvement (20% improvement from 2010 by 2015)

  2. Emissions Intensity Improvement (20% improvement from 2010 by 2015)

  3. Water Use Efficiency Improvement (10% improvement from 2010 by 2015)

  4. Energy Use Efficiency Improvement (10% improvement from 2010 by 2015)

  5. Supply Chain Transparency (Top 100 suppliers surveyed by 2012, Top 200 by 2015)

  6. Environmental Testing/Greener Chem/Alternative Energy Sales (Increase 25% year over year by 2015)

  7. Team Sigma-Aldrich (expand program/community engagement 15% each year)

*intensity is the output quantity divided by the value produced in weight or revenue

These seven goals will stretch each Sigma-Aldrich employee in different ways. Due to the scale and global nature of our Company, we are calling on each individual to help accomplish these goals. Through collaborative cross department planning and action we firmly believe that we’ll be able to meet and potentially exceed our goals. We also recognize that some goals will be more difficult to accomplish than others, therefore we are prepared to inform our employees, customers and stakeholders of the areas where we may fall short of our goals. With some of the world’s most innovative employees, we are ready to begin an adventure that promises to truly yield a “Breakthrough Worldview” and we invite you to join us.