Regulatory Compliance Services

Sigma-Aldrich Education

Sigma-Aldrich Education is an online learning system built on the scientific knowledge and safety experience that only Sigma-Aldrich can offer. When you take a course through Sigma-Aldrich Education, you can be sure it was designed with the safety of you and your lab in mind.

Sigma-Aldrich Education provides a learning model designed to test skill with decision-based scenarios. The course structure is based on real-life situations that follow the processes of planning, executing and clean-up of an experiment. Each course concludes with a comprehensive knowledge assessment to ensure the student can demonstrate safe lab techniques.

Sigma-Aldrich makes education simple by hosting all the course content, offering multiple purchase and license options, and simplifying the reporting process. All Sigma-Aldrich Education modules include the following benefits:


  • Immersive experience
  • How-to videos
  • Knowledge builder examples
  • Decision points with real-life lab scenarios
  • Knowledge assessment
  • Real time student status and progress
  • 24-hour access

Professors and Lab Managers

  • Efficient Administrator Tools
  • Single or Multiple License options
  • Professor/Administrator access to reports
    • Multiple students
    • Multiple courses
  • Real time student status and progress
  • 24-hour access

Course Library

  • Safe Handling of Air-sensitive Pyrophoric Materials

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