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Due to the hazardous and regulated nature of many of our products, Sigma-Aldrich personnel must first review your web site registration information and activate your profile before on-line ordering is enabled. If you wish to place orders through the web site, please complete the registration form and be sure to include your billing and shipping addresses, as well as any information that will assist our staff during the set-up process (mainly, your organization's account number or your PIN with Sigma-Aldrich). Successful completion of the registration form (or Order Permit Request form if you had previously registered) will notify us of your request to order through the site. You should expect a response from your Sigma-Aldrich office within two business days.

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As a logged in, registered user (that has had ordering enabled by Sigma-Aldrich personnel), you will have multiple methods available for placing orders online. To learn more about each method, select the links below.

Multiple methods can be used to create a single order providing a high level of flexibility to your online ordering experience. Once in the shopping cart, however, please note the following:

NOTE: Do not use your browser's BACK button. (Use the navigational links and buttons within the cart itself. Use of the BACK key may erase or duplicate your order.)

You can also check the status of previously submitted orders using our site. Order status is available for any order placed with Sigma-Aldrich regardless of the method used (Internet, Phone, Fax, EDI, etc.). To learn more about this functionality, click the link below.

Order Status

Icons/Buttons Related to Ordering on our Site


Add to Favorite Products Icon Add to Favorite Products
When displayed next to a product number or package size anywhere within the web site, clicking this icon will add the item to your list of Favorite Products. It may also be displayed in the web site header next to a link called "Favorite Products." Clicking this link will take you directly to your list of Favorite Products.
Additional Item Information
Some products have additional information that may be of interest to you at the time of ordering. This icon will open a window that displays related fees, tariff information and more.