Website Help System

Address Changes

The web site is connected directly to the Sigma-Aldrich order fulfillment systems. The shipping and billing addresses displayed on the shopping cart are maintained within that system. During the ordering process most users will have some ability to edit these addresses but only for that order. There are some exceptions:

Billing Address

If you always use a credit/procurement card when ordering on our site, you may wish to store your credit card information as part of your user profile. This will automatically populate the payment fields on each order and will display the billing address stored in your user profile. There are no restrictions on modifying fields of the billing address for credit card orders.

When not paying by credit card, most users will not be able to make any modifications to the billing address. In a few cases, specific organizations have requirements that the attention, department and building/room fields be editable. If your organization has these requirements, please contact us.

Shipping Address

Unless otherwise restricted, the entire shipping address can be modified for a single order. To do so, just click on the "Edit" button beneath the shipping address. If key fields of the shipping address (anything other than the attention, department and building/room) are changed from the system values, it will initiate a screening review by Sigma-Aldrich personnel to ensure that the modified address is acceptable for handling the products being ordered. NOTE: This will delay the processing of your order.

As noted above, the attention, department and building/room field can be modified without causing a delay in processing your order. If you always use the same values for any of these fields in the ship to address, you should consider saving them in your user profile and selecting the option marked "Yes" for the "Use this Attention, Department, and Building/Room for ALL orders?" question. This will pre-populate those fields for every order and display them on your cart.

If the shipping or billing addresses displayed on the shopping cart are incorrect and need to be updated for all your orders, please contact Customer Support in your local Sigma-Aldrich office. To do so, please click the Support link from the top navigation banner of our web site.