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B2B - Punchout

Many of our customers now access the Sigma-Aldrich website through an internal procurement application (Ariba, SciQuest, etc.). Most of the functionality on the site is identical to that experience by users that access the site directly. The shopping cart, however, does function a bit differently.

How to create an order using Punchout:

  1. The “Order Center” /  “Welcome” page contains a number of empty lines. Type in the product number for each product you wish to order in the fields provided. Click on the "Get/Confirm Pack Sizes" link.
  2. Your Cart will be redisplayed with a product description for each line and drop down list of package sizes and prices. If the product is only sold in one package size, it will automatically be selected and no drop down will appear.
  3. Select the appropriate package size from the drop down list, enter the Quantity desired if other than "1", and click the "Get/Confirm Pack Sizes" link. NOTE: The Quantity field will always populate with a default of 1.
  4. The screen will refresh and display pricing and availability. Click the “Add Selected Items to Cart” button.
  5. The full Shopping Cart will now be displayed. You will see a “Checkout” button to the right side of the product section of the page. Clicking on this button reformats all the information in your cart and returns it (and the user experience) to your internal procurement system.