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The Favorite Products feature on our web site allows you to create and maintain a personalized "list" of commonly referenced products, including package size and quantity, from which you may quickly place orders. Anyone who is a registered user may create a Favorite Products list. You can maintain your list by selecting the "Favorite Products" link found on the top banner of our site.

Each product number in your list is a link to the product detail page for that item. That page provides access to extended product information, related documents and real-time pricing and availability.

NOTE: You will need to register and login to our Website to successfully utilize this feature. For assistance with site registration, go to our Registration page.

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Creating your Favorite Products list:

  1. Begin by searching the catalog using the Product Search function found throughout the site. Simply enter the information to be searched into the text field.
  2. Enter your Search Criteria in the corresponding fields. For a brief description of these options, go to the Product Search Help Page.
  3. Press the Search button and the system will search for the product(s) and display the results grouped by product names. Within each grouping there will be a list of individual products. Click on either the product number or the "pricing" link to the right of a product description to view the different pack sizes, pricing, and availability.
  4. Enter a quantity in the "Quantity" field with the number of pack sizes you would like to add to your list.
  5. Click on the "Add to Favorites" icon located next to each package size you wish to add to your list. For a new search, click the Search Center link on the top banner of our site.
  6. You may also add items to your Favorite Products list from the Shopping Cart. To do so, click on the "Add to Favorites" link shown for each line item.
  7. To view your list, click on the "Favorite Products" link under "Account" in the site header.

Managing your Favorite Products list:

If you have a long list of favorite products, there are some capabilities that will allow you to find items in that list a bit easier.

Sorting Products within your list(s):

Three of the column labels (Brand, Product Number and Description) are links that allow you to sort the list(s). Click on the column header once to sort the list in ascending order and a second time for descending order. Note that sorting on the description is based only on text so product names starting with numbers will appear first in an ascending list.

Changing the Quantity and/or Your Reference text for item(s) in your list(s):

  1. Select the item(s) you want to modify.
  2. Make the changes to the Quantity and/or Your Reference text.
  3. Click the "Update Changes" button. The screen will then refresh and display your updates.

Organizing your list(s) using folders:

Creating Folders: To create a new folder and begin organizing your favorites follow these steps:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the "Your Favorites" page and enter the name of the folder in the text box labeled "Create a New Folder".
  2. Click the "Create" button. The new folder should be displayed
  3. Repeat the process to create as many folders as you need.

Note: All folders will display either a plus or minus symbol. Clicking on the folder will either expand (+) or collapse (-) the list of products in that folder.

Adding Items to Folders: When you add items to your list from elsewhere in the site, the default location is the main "Favorite Products" folder. To move products from the main folder to another, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the box in the "Select" column to the left of each item you want to add to a folder.
  2. Below the product list, select the destination folder name from the drop-down box labeled "Add Selected Item(s) to a Exising Folder".
  3. Click the "Add To Folder" button to move the selected product to the folder name that you chose.

Deleting Folders: Your need for certain products, or groups of products, may change over time. Deleting individual products is done simply by selecting the product and clicking the "Delete" button. If you need to delete entire folders of products, use the following steps:

  1. Click the "Select" box next to the folder name you wish to delete.
  2. Click the "Delete" button to delete the folder and all items that were in it.

Note: Deleting items from the main list will not remove them from a Favorite Products Folder.

Ordering from Favorite Products:

  1. Click the "Favorite Products" link under "Account" on the top banner of the site.
  2. Select the items you would like to order and, if needed, you can change the quantity at this time.
  3. Click the "Add to Shopping Cart" button at the bottom of the page.
  4. The screen will refresh and the items will be added to your Shopping Cart. Click the "Cart" link on the top right corner of the Website and you will be brought to your Shopping Cart where you can continue to shop or submit your order.

NOTE: Do not use your browser's BACK button within any of the ordering methods. Use the provided links to navigate within the system. Use of the BACK key may erase or duplicate your order.