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Create and Convert a Quote Online

In many countries registered users with authorization are able to create and convert quotes on line.

To create a quote, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add items to your Shopping Cart and View your Cart.
  2. Once inside the Cart, scroll down to the "Shoping Cart Items" Section and look for the question "What would you like to do with these items?"
  3. You should have two options, "Place Order" and "Request Quote". Select "Request Quote".
  4. From here, make sure you have all required fields completed and then Click "Submit".
  5. Your Quote will be submited. You should receive a Quote Confirmation screen with your Quote Number. There will also be a link alowing you access to "View and Print PDF Version" the Quote.

To Convert a Quote/Pro Forma Invoice or a Lot Specific Reserve from Sigma-Aldrich into an Order, follow these simple steps:

  1. On the Order Center, click on the "Find Quotes" link.
  2. If you know your quote/reserve number, enter it into the Quote Number field and click "Find." You will be taken directly to the Order Status page for that order (skip to step 6).

  3. If you don’t have the quote number, you can search by Product Number (T1503-100G), P.O. Number, a Quotes Created (on or after) date range, a Quotes Expire (on or before) data range, as well as by the Status of the quote: Any, Complete, Open, or Partially Completed. After entering the applicable criteria, click "Find".

  4. The site will return a list of quotes that meet your criteria providing you with a general idea of the status.

  5. Click on the Quote No. to view the Quote Detail page for that quote.

  6. Your quote/reserve information will now be displayed. NOTE: Some quotes require conversion of the entire quote (all lines with the original quoted quantities) into a single order while others do allow for conversion of only selected lines and quantities over a period of time.
  7. If the field is editable, enter the quantity for each line you wish to order. When complete, click "Convert to Order."
  8. Your Cart will now be displayed and you can make any modifications necessary for completing your order (minor address changes, adding additional items and providing billing and payment information). See the help section on Entering Product Numbers directly in Your Cart for more information on these types of changes.
  9. When you have finished making changes, click "Submit" to submit your order and view the order confirmation page.

To Print a Quote from our web site, either

  1. Click the "View and Print PDF Version" link on your Quote Confirmation screen. Click this link to View and Print the Quote.
  2. Search for and view the quote following the steps above. On the Quote display page, you will see the "View and Print PDF Version". Click this link to View and Print the Quote.

Bulk Quotations

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