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Defining the Peptide Type

To get started using the copy/paste function of the site, you’ll need to define two variables before the system can validate the format of the data that was pasted into the text area on the page. First, select the radio button that defines the type of product(s) in the data.

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Defining the Delimiter

The second radio button defines how the data is formatted, specifically the delimiter in the data. Most systems currently used by researchers, generate output in Excel. Therefore, anything you copy and paste into the text area from Excel will be delimited with a TAB. The other common option is to export the data from an application (or save from Excel) as a csv file. In this case, the paste will have a comma delimiter. Just select the delimiter option that matches the process you used to prepare your data.

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D-Form Amino Acid Option

By default, all amino acids within the sequence are considered to be L-form. If you need to include D-form amino acids in your sequence, select the checkbox on the page. When you enter (or paste) your data, be sure that all amino acid codes you use are upper case for all L-form and lower case for all D-form amino acids.

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Acceptable Data Formats

Tab Delimited Data

If your data was copied from Excel, it should have the following format. This example represents the radio button selection of "Standard Peptide". (The {TAB} characters used in this example won’t be present but will instead look like spaces)

Peptide Name{TAB}N-Term Mod{TAB}Sequence{TAB}C-Term Mod{TAB}Amount{TAB}Purity{TAB}Special Instructions(Optional){TAB}CarrierProtein(Optional){TAB}Additional Carrier Protein(Optional){TAB}Sequence in Native Protein(Optional){TAB}Conjugation Chemistry (Optional)

Basic Example:

My Peptide1 [Fmoc] AFKLQCDMRW[B-Ala]LPKA [NH2] 5 80 Need Quickly
My Peptide2 [H] AFKLQMICDMRW[B-Ala]LPKAC [NH2] 10 80 Ship Later
My Peptide3 [H] AFKLMQWKCDMRW[B-Ala]LPKA [OH] 25 Unpurified  

Complete Example:

My Peptide1 [Fmoc] AFKLQCDMRW[B-Ala]LPKA [NH2] 5 80 Need Quickly KLH None Internal EDC

Pepscreen® Example:

Pepscreen1 [Btn] AFKLQCDMRW[B-Ala]LPKA [NH2] 0.5 Unpurified Need Quickly
Pepscreen2 [H] AFKLQMICDMRW[B-Ala]LPKAC [NH2] 0.5 Unpurified  
Pepscreen3 [H] AFKLMQWKCDMRW[B-Ala]LPKA [OH] 0.5 Unpurified  

Note: Pepscreen® peptides are only produced in 0.5mg amounts with a purity of Unpurified and require a minimum of 24 peptides per order.

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Comma Delimited Data

If your data was copied from a csv file, it should have the following format. This example represents the radio button selection of "AQUA Peptide".

Peptide Name, N-Term Mod, Sequence, C-Term Mod, Amount, Purity, Quantitation, Special Instructions (Optional)

MyAquaPeptide1,[H],AFKP[VC13N15]VQLGCDR,[OH],5 x 1,95,AAA,ShipComplete
MyAquaPeptide2,[H],AFKP[VC13N15]VQLGCDA,[OH],5 x 1,95,AAA,ShipComplete
MyAquaPeptide3,[H],AFKP[VC13N15]VQLGCDK,[OH],5 x 1,95,AAA,ShipASAP

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Element Codes

The element codes necessary to properly define a peptide vary by the type of peptide selected. As shown in the example above, AQUA peptides require the Quantitation code that is not needed for standard peptides. They also require that one (and only one) isotopically labeled internal modification is included in each sequence.

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Sequence Codes

Note: When constructing the sequence, you will always need to include the N-Term and C-Term values even if you are using [H] and [OH] defaults, respectively.

N-Terminal Modification Description Code
Default [H]
Acetylation [Ace]
Benzyloxycarbonyl [Cbz]
Biotin [Btn]
Cinnamoylation [Cinn]
Dabcyl [Dabc]
Dabsyl [Dabs]
Dansyl [Dans]
Dinitrophenyl [Dnp]
Fluorescein [Flc]
FMOC [Fmoc]
Formylation [Form]
Lissamine Rhodamine [Liss]
Myristoylation [Myrs]
N-Methyl [Nme]
Palmitoylation [Palm]
Steroylation [Ster]
7-Methoxycoumarin Acetic Acid [Mca]

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Amino Acid Description L-Form Code D-Form Code
Alanine (Ala) A a
Cysteine (Cys) C c
Aspartic Acid (Asp) D d
Glutamic Acid (Glu) E e
Phenylalanine (Phe) F f
Glycine (Gly) G g
Histidine (His) H h
Isoleucine (Ile) I i
Lysine (Lys) K k
Leucine (Leu) L l
Methionine (Met) M m
Asparagine (Asn) N n
Proline (Pro) P p
Glutamine (Gln) Q q
Arginine (Arg) R r
Serine (Ser) S s
Threonine (Thr) T t
Valine (Val) V v
Tryptophan (Trp) W w
Tyrosine (Tyr) Y y

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Internal Modification Description Code
Acetylated Lysine [ace-K]
Aminohexanoic acid [Ahx]
β-Alanine [B-Ala]
β-Aspartic acid [B-Asp]
Citrulline [Cit]
Cyclization (Cys-Cys) [Cycl]
D-Ornithine [D-orn]
8-Amino-3,6-dioxaoctanoic acid [DEG]
EDANS on side chain of Glu [Eedans]
Hydroxyproline [Hyp]
Biotin on side chain of Lys [KBtnX]
Dabcyl on side chain of Lys [KDbc]
Dabsyl on side chain of Lys [KDbs]
DNP on side chain of Lys [KDnp]
Dansyl on side chain of Lys [KDns]
Fluorescein on side chain of Lys [KFlc]
Norleucine [Nleu]
Norvaline [Nval]
Ornithine [Orn]
Phosphoserine [pSer]
Phosphothreonine [pThr]
Phosphotyrosine [pTyr]
Sarcosine [SAR]

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Internal Modification Description
(Isotopically labeled - AQUA peptides only)
Arginine-13C, 15N [RC13N15]
Isoleucine-13C, 15N [IC13N15]
Leucine-13C, 15N [LC13N15]
Lysine-13C, 15N [KC13N15]
Phenylalanine-13C, 15N [FC13N15]
Proline-13C, 15N [PC13N15]
Valine-13C, 15N [VC13N15]

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C-Terminal Modification Description Code
Default [OH]
NH2 – Amide [NH2]
MAPC - 4-Branch MAP resin [MAPC]

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Amount Description Code
5 x 1 nmol (Only valid for AQUA peptides) 5 x 1
0.5 mg (Only valid for PEPscreen®) 0.5
5 mg 5
10 mg 10
25 mg 25
50 mg 50
100 mg 100
250 mg 250
500 mg 500
1000 mg 1000

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Purity Description Code
Unpurified (Unpurified) Unpurified
IG, >50% 50
>70% 70
>80% 80
>95% 95

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Quantitation Description (AQUA only) Code
Amino Acid Analysis AAA

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Quantitation Description (AQUA only) Code
keyhole limpet hemacyanin (KLH) KLH
bovine serum albumin (BSA) BSA
ovalbumin (OVA) OVA
rabbit serum albumin (RSA) RSA

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Additional Carrier Protein Description Code
keyhole limpet hemacyanin (KLH) KLH
bovine serum albumin (BSA) BSA
ovalbumin (OVA) OVA
rabbit serum albumin (RSA) RSA

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Sequence in Native Protein Description Code
N-Terminus N-Terminus
Internal Internal
C-Terminus C-Terminus

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Conjugation Chemistry Description Code
Activated EDC AEDC
Gluteraldehyde GLUT

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Packaging Options

Tubes: Tubes: The default packaging for all peptides is a 5ml screw cap tube. Tube Racks: All tube racks are filled upper left to lower right by row as indicated by the sequence number in the grapic below. This will correspond to the same order in which your peptides are entered.

Note: PEPscreen® products are only sold in 96-Well tube racks and require a minimum of 24 sequences

96-Well Tube Rack(s), 8-Channel

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What happens after you click "Price"?

First, our web system will validate that the format and all the attributes of each peptide are valid for the type of peptide you defined. If everything is valid we will attempt to price each of the products you defined and the product configuration page will be displayed providing you with scientific calculations for all items and pricing for those that could be priced. This page will allow you to review and make edits to each product. When you are satisfied, click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of your list. To view your cart, click on the “Your Cart” link in the web site’s header.

Note: If any item is unable to be priced, the entire list will be handled by the shopping cart as a quote request.

Click here for help information about the shopping cart

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