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Order Direct to Cart

If you already know the product numbers you need, this is the quickest way to complete an order. Simply, click on the "Order Center" link on the top banner of our site to get started.

NOTE: Do not use your browser's BACK button within any of the ordering methods. Use the provided links to navigate within the system. Use of the BACK key may erase or duplicate your order.

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How to create an order:

  1. Click on the "Order Center" link under "Order" on the top banner of our site.
  2. The Order Center contains a "Quick Order Center" section with a number of empty lines. Type in the product number for each product you wish to order in the fields provided. (Disregard punctuation marks when entering product numbers; i.e. "27,856-4" should be entered as "278564" etc.) Click on the "Get/Confirm Pack Sizes" link.
  3. The screen will refresh with a product description for each line and dropdown list of package sizes and prices. If the product is only sold in one package size, it will automatically be selected and no dropdown will appear.
  4. The screen will refresh again with pricing and availability for the items you've entered. Click the "Add Selected Items to Shopping Cart" button to be taken to your Shopping Cart.
  5. If you have authorization to place orders for multiple locations or recipients, you will be prompted with a "Select an Address" screen. Verify and/or select new address information and then click the yellow "Continue to Shopping Cart". NOTE: If you need to make an edit to an address or add an attention line, department name, building and room number, this can be done inside the Shopping Cart.
  6. Once inside the Shopping Cart, you will see your Contact, Shipping Address, Billing Address, and Payment information.  To edit an address, click the "Edit" button below the address. That section will expand and will allow you to make your edits.  Once the edits have been completed, click the "Update" button to complete the update process.  You can add a note to the order and you may select the Shipping Method for the order.  Shipping costs will be recalculated automatically upon changing the shipping method.
  7. To complete your order, please be sure that you have entered in your payment information and then click one of the two yellow "Submit" buttons found on the page.
  8. You will receive an order confirmation screen with your confirmation number on it.  An e-mail confirmation will also be sent..