Website Help System

Order Status

The Sigma-Aldrich web site is fully integrated with our order fulfillment system. This allows you to check the status of any order you placed by any method. We have links to several major carriers allowing you to track your order all the way from the time it leaves our warehouse to delivery your facility. Follow these steps to begin checking the status of your orders.

  1. From the Order Center, click on "Find Orders".
  2. If you know the Sigma-Aldrich order number, enter it in the Sales Document Number field and click "Search". You will be taken directly to the Order Status page for that order (skip to step 6).
  3. If you don’t have the order number, you can search by based on the product number or purchase order. You can limit the search based on shipping address (if you have access to more than one), date range and order status. After entering the applicable criteria, click "Search".
  4. The site will return a list of orders that meet your criteria providing you with a general idea of the status.
  5. Click on the document number to view the Order Status page for that order.
  6. The Order Status page shows detailed information about the order including the shipping status for all line items. This status refers to whether the items have been completely shipped, partially shipped or are still open. From here you can Reorder all the items or view the status of the previous or next order in your search results.
  7. For detailed information about each line item, click the "Completed" or "Open" link. The site will display information related to the shipment of that particular item including the shipment date, delivery document (packing slip) number and, when available, the carrier’s tracking number as well as the invoice.
  8. If the carrier is FedEx, UPS or Purolator, you can view information from the carrier about the delivery status. Click the tracking number and a new window will open providing you information from that carrier’s delivery information system.