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To print an invoice, follow these simple steps:

  1. Login and click on the "Order Center" link under "Order" in the top navigation.

  2. Search for your Order through “My Recent Orders - Find Orders”

  3. If you know the Sigma-Aldrich order number, enter it in the Sales Document No. field and click "Search".
    You will be taken directly to the Order Status page for that order (go to step 6*).

  4. If you do not have the order number, you can search by product number or purchase order. You can limit the search based on date range and order status. After entering the applicable criteria, click "Search".

  5. The site will return a list of orders that meet your criteria providing you with a general idea of the status.
    Use the Sales Document No. link to get to the Order.

  6. (*) Click on the Ship Status to view additional information.
    (Invoices can only be printed if the status of the document is “Complete” or “Partially Completed”)

  7. Use the “Invoice” link to view and print your invoice copy.