Website Help System


If you routinely order the same products for the same shipping location or recipient repeatedly, you will find this functionality quite useful. You can view a previous order and load all its information into your cart in order to create a new order. Just follow the following steps:

  1. From the Order Center, click on "Find Orders".
  2. Enter the Sigma-Aldrich order number or perform a search on other criteria to see a list of orders meeting your search criteria. For more information on searching for and checking the status of previous orders see the Order Status help topic.
  3. When the desired order is displayed, click on the "Reorder" link.
  4. Your Cart will now be displayed with all the information from the previous order.
  5. Make any necessary changes and click "Get/Confirm Pack Sizes" to update the cart’s totals if you changed items or quantities. Changes to shipping methods will be updated automatically.
  6. Once all your changes have been made, click "Submit" to submit your order and view the confirmation page.