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Request Order Permit

When you initially register on the web site, you will not immediately have access to place orders. Most countries served by the Sigma-Aldrich web site do allow on-line ordering after an initial review by our screening/account set-up team. This review process usually takes about two business days to complete.

To request access to place orders through the web site, click on the "Request Order Permit" link on the Order Center page. If you already provided your full billing and shipping address when you registered, the request form will not be displayed but you will see a pop-up message confirming that your request for ordering was sent. If you did not initially provide that information, you will be presented with a form. The fields marked with a red star are required. When you have completed all the necessary information, click "Submit". The order center will be redisplayed along with the confirmation message. Again, it may take a couple business days to process your request. When complete, or if there are any additional questions, you will receive an email from our screening/account set-up team.

NOTE: Your business or institution must have an established Customer Account with Sigma-Aldrich in order to be approved for on-line ordering. If your business or institution does not have an established Customer Account with Sigma-Aldrich, you will need to contact your regional Customer Support Department to establish an account by phone. You cannot establish an account for your business or institution on-line. To find contact information for your regional Customer Support Department, please click the Support link from the top navigation banner of our web site.