Website Help System

Saved Cart

Two Ways to Save a Shopping Cart

  1. Simply add items to your Shopping Cart and then log out of our Website.  When you log back into our Website, the items will be waiting for you.  To access them, click the "Cart" link in the upper right corner of the Website. Your Shopping Cart will load and you may proceed with your order.
  2. The second way to save a Shopping Cart involves building a Cart and then clicking the "Save Cart" button.  This will bring you to a screen that shows the details of the order and gives you a field to name your Cart (Required) and a field where you can type in comments relating to the Cart (Optional).  Once you enter a Name, click the "Save Cart" button.  You will be taken back to the Order Center and the Cart will display itself in the "Saved Shopping Carts" section. 

To Activate a Saved Shopping Cart

  1. From the Order Center, go to the "Saved Shopping Cart" section and click on "View All".
  2. Click on the Cart Name you would like to activate.
  3. The Saved Shopping Cart will be displayed.
  4. Click the "Send to Shopping Cart" button to activate the cart.
  5. The Saved Cart will load and you may continue with your order.

Deleting Saved Shopping Carts

  1. From the Order Center, go to the "Saved Shopping Cart" section and click on "View All ".
  2. Select the Cart(s) you would like to delete.
  3. Click the "Delete" button.